Lennon "Alicia's Interlude"

Lennon "Alicia's Interlude": I'm finally catching up with my inbox; this cut got sent to me a few days ago, and is taken from TheHipHopEffect's Girls I Gave My Heart To II (if you missed the first one, research); Ant THHE says "About two weeks ago I asked Lennon to contribute an interlude to TheHipHopEffect.com's upcoming original release "Girls I Gave My Heart To pt.II", I sent him the sample I wanted to use which was the end speech from When Harry Met Sally.

He sent me the final mix 30 minutes ago and while the full project wont come out until late fall 2010, we wanted to release the interlude now because it perfectly encompasses the meaning behind the tape". Captivating stuff.

Via TheHipHopEffect.

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