Bailey - Jonny L Mix (9/29/2010)

One of my favorite Drum & Bass DJs paying homage to a true DnB legend? Why yes. I've seen DJ Bailey live once, and have grown to appreciate his broad-spectrum approach to the Drum & Bass scene, and his vaults house some of the flyest dubplates around, so when he touches down to do a "best of" mix, it's always legendary. This is one he crafted for last night's 1Xtra D&B Show for the one like Jonny L, who is a seminal producer for many reasons. I'd go into it, but really, this mix should be proof positive of his seat on the DnB high council. By popular demand, enjoy.

DOWNLOAD Bailey - Jonny L Mix (9/29/2010)


Jonny L – Wish U Had Something [XL]
Jonny L – Piper [XL]
Jonny L – See Red [XL]
Jonny L – The Bells [XL]
Jonny L – Synkronize [Metalheadz]
Jonny L – Trouble [Pirana]
Jonny L – Let’s Roll [Dub Mix] [Piranha]
Jonny L – The Visitors
Jonny L – White Lies [Dub Mix]
Jonny L – Uneasy [XL]
Jonny L – Brother [XL]
Jonny L – Selecta [XL]

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