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HOODLUM U Don't Like Me Refixes

And now we officially introduce you to the HOODLUM crew. HOODLUM consists of DJ Nappy, DJ Cable & DJ Hipnotikk, and they are poised to not only maintain the crowns as THUGSTEP kings, but push the sound to the next level, and this refix EP, reconfiguring Diplo & Lil' Jon's "U Don't Like Me" is just the perfect introduction to their sound.

Oddly enough, this has been a stance Nappy and I have taken - not so much "if you're not liking this shit, fuck you", but a really open "we'll do what we think sounds right" attitude, and I think it's worked - just chart the progression of the Rap/Dubstep hybrid sound since 2006. It's catching on to the point where Rusko has motherfucking Gucci Mane on his debut album! That's huge for this sound.

But it needs to progress - thus enter the HOODLUM.

This EP features each DJs take on this massive track gives us different moods - I liken it to the intro, the riot and the dance. From Hipnotikk's precision edits to Nappy's headbussin' beatdown to Cable's waist-windin' heat, all styles of the sound are covered. There's even a special bonus track, featuring Philly's own Chose and UK spitter RTKal going ballistic over the original Diplo instrumental. HOODLUM is about refixing sound without asking, and making you love it. And I know you will. Grab this EP, then wait for the next move from the clique... they won't have you waiting. And shouts to Justin for the cover art - good lookin'!



01) Lil’ Jon “U Don’t Like M(armit)e (DJ Hipnotikk Re-edit)”
02) Lil’ Jon vs. 16bit “U Don’t Like Me (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)”
03) Lil’ Jon vs. Rude Kid “U Don’t Like Me (DJ Cable THUGSTEP Blend)”
04) Chose & RTKal “U Don’t Like Me (Remix)”

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