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#GardenVariety: Divine Drummah

In the many ciphers within the NJ Hip-Hop community, there are names that can be universal. Poor Righteous Teachers, Redman, Naughty By Nature, sure. Cats like Self (aka The Custodian of Records) are known by the majority of cats on the more underground Hip-Hop zone. One name you might see and hear is the homey Divine Drummah, aka DJ Mone. I remember being at my cousin’s house for a cookout a year or so ago and having her fiancee’s brother bigging up Divine’s work. I knew of him through work he’s done for cats like Shawn Lov, Money First and a host of other cats. At last month’s Garden Variety show, I finally got to hear him rock live, and dude’s a monster. I knew his beats were on point, but he was playing a GRIP of instrumentals I wasn’t up on. The following Sunday I did a bit of investigating, and happened upon the Nu Jerzy Tranzit instrumental album, which features cuts dedicated to mad stops on the NJ Transit train route. The one that killed me that night was “Newark Penn Station”:

Hypnotic. Love that sub. Just some intoxicating shit, you feel me? The full project is very Jersey-centric, that mixture of Philly Soul and NY flavor that only Jersey can decipher and make hotter. Rhymaggedon rocked over some of his jawns for the recently-released M.A.S.H., and I highly recommend you fucks with that. Get at Divine for beats, too – he’s not only a local hero, but he’s just that damn good. Don’t play yourself, forreal.

If you’re gonna be around this Saturday, head on over to The Galamo in Trenton for the May 2011 edition of the Garden Variety Show, where Divine will be touching down at again. I’ll be there!

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