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[pics] The Garden Variety Show (5/28/2011)

I'm no photographer, but I brought my Kodak and snapped a grip of pictures from this past Saturday's Garden Variety Show, which was again held at The Galamo in Trenton. April's show was hype, and I don't know if word spread or what, but I walked into the spot about 8:20 PM or so, and there was a NICE crowd in there already! Shouts as always to Self and Kasso for providing such an ill event, and big up to the artists I dapped and snapped: Skrew, Rhymageddon, Sol Zalez, Divine Drummah, Slim Dsm, Surg, Black Collar Biz, Mr. Fickle, Joey Dynomite, Pryme Prolifik, Black Out and the others. 'Nuff respect to the writers who provided some dope visuals - that Gil Scott-Heron piece was so official. From what I understand, another GV showcase should be going down in June. Details when I get them.

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Skrew said...

one of my all time favorite experiences... the Garden Variety will always be my home no matter what city we in!