En Stereo ft. Kam Moye & Prince Po "The Essence"

En Stereo ft. Kam Moye & Prince Po "The Essence": Here's one of those "foundation of Hip-Hop" tracks that you think of me when you hear. It's got a thumping beat, with a number of cut-up lines in the hook. Gotta say, Kam and Po outshine En Stereo on this one. I'm also on some odd shit with tracks like this nowadays. The older I get, the more I'm about showing and proving, and instead of rapping about rapping or making tracks that reminisce on the golden era, just be creative, and SHOW niggas why a certain style of Rap should still be in the forefront. Kind of how Kanye did with "Otis" - yeah, it's on some BBC shit, but it's also got the huge sample-based beat to it. Bridge the gap, and give the aura of "real shit" without having to say "real shit". But maybe that's not logical. Who knows. If you fucks with this track (which you ultimately should), go cop the En Stereo album.


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