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Daniel Joseph x Tone Liv x Phace (7/31/2011)

I literally took this video with the BB Torch about 12 hours ago, outside of last night's Garden Variety show in Trenton, NJ. I finally got to meet Elite Assembly members Deal - The Villain, Daniel Joseph and Myk Dyaleks (as well as the lovely @haikuguru). Deal, Myk and I spent a good couple of hours chopping it up outside of the venue, and it ended with DTV dropping a load of beats from a few forthcoming projects. After the last cipher, Deal dropped this instrumental and as you can see, we successfully got Espee to spit right there in the middle of the street. Wasn't expecting Tone to jump in, but that's what he and Phace did. Great shit to capture. Great night (check out some pictures via Facebook). And I definitely heard Tone and Daniel birth a brilliant idea: TONE JOSEPH. This collaborative project needs to happen. Write your congressman. And get ready for the Jersey Fresh Jam, which is going down at Terracycle in Trenton on the 20th of August.

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