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Small Professor Elderly Jawns

Know how I know Small Professor is from Philly? He likes using the word "jawn" a lot. Know how I know he's a dope producer? He can start out a project with a track that will have fans of Busta Rhymes and Kill Bill excited. And it works. If you fucked with Beats Rhymes & Jawns, his new project, Elderly Jawns, should be right up your alley. If you're a longtime fan of Small Pro (and really, why would you be?), you will remember some of these cuts from his 2009 remix albums (apparently there were two of them), but this is the first time neph decided to give them proper releases as instrumentals. A lot of dusty material, but a guy like Pro works on a LOT of shit, just doesn't release it as often, so while I might joke and kid with him, I'm glad he finally decided to unearth these gems. It's not too short (the full jawn clocks in under 40 minutes), but it's well worth it. Helps flesh out the full picture before he unleashes his full album later this year. Enjoy.
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