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Go Buy J-Zone's Root For The Villain

Out of the few books I have to finish, Root For The Villain by J-Zone was one of them. I got the press copy and due to some good fortune, I was able to knock out this one over the weekend. I'll admit - I'm one of the few who was a big Zone fan years back (still am, but you know what I mean), so I went into this trying to get a glimpse at the man behind the Old Maid Billionaires empire. What I ended up getting was a statement on old trends making the man. The same reasons I fuck with Dallas Penn (attention to great detail, humor, dedication to history) are the same reasons why J-Zone wins, and this book lays it all out there. From backstory on his family and how their ways raised him, to his many tales on discovering Hip-Hop and how it shaped him, as well as his hard work and stories about the industry, he brings out a lot in what might seem like small, quick shots. I wish I could write more like him, and I appreciate his releases even more when I read these tales. If you grew up copping CDs with the long cardboard cases... or you had a stack of cassettes on deck, this is for you. Don't sleep on this. Don't even buy it for anyone else - cop it for delphia.

PURCHASE J-Zone Root For The Villain in the following formats: Kindle , Paperback or order a personalized edition from Zone's website.

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IV the Polymath said...

Just copped this. Really looking forward to reading it.