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Five Albums From Lyle Horowitz

When we last saw Lyle Horowitz, he was wrecking shop with PreZZure as the Woodside Boys. During that time, he was also putting the finishing touches on five different albums... which he dropped earlier today. I've heard bits of many of these, and he definitely runs the gamut. Some Hip-Hop, but a lot of quirk/weird shit. Loves it. Hit the jump for the full monty.

DOWNLOAD Lyle Horowitz - Bodies: Bodies started off as the soundtrack to one of our next films, but as the project progressed, we decided we wanted to compose an original score for Bodies and this turned into more of an album inspired by the film than anything resembling a soundtrack. The album is completely instrumental and also features co-production by Charles Hamilton, H2, Storm Watkins & Cashmere Brown.

DOWNLOAD Lyle Horowitz - City Lights: City Lights is the sequel to The Naked City, another atmospheric trip through an experimental/ambient landscape.

DOWNLOAD Lyle Horowitz - The Dance: The Dance is an allegory for the (music) industry, and this project is an instrumental diss record to the industry. I’m deadly serious. The Dance finds me speaking through the samples directly to “the game” — no holds barred

DOWNLOAD Lyle Horowitz - Smiles Of A Summer Night (Instrumentals): Smiles Of A Summer Night was such a great success thanks to the listeners, those who helped promote and do press for the project, the co-producers and the talented emcees & vocalists who contributed. I felt like it was only right to let the instrumental version of the album go as a “thank you” to those who helped make the project so special — enjoy.

DOWNLOAD Lyle Horowitz - Nothing Says Goodbye Like Hello: Saving the best for last. Nothing Says Goodbye Like Hello is an album that I was told was “too low-fi” to release, but seeing as the project is mixed by Allison Foster and mastered by Lady Doom, it’s only right. For those thirsty for some soul samples and wicked chops, look no further…

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