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He Who Shines Truly - The Light Show (again)

I guess you can say that the RTD blast of this EP back on 11/11/11 was a preview. Or that the artwork here is now cleaner and more devoid of RTD affiliation (EDIT I did see that @DanielJoseph tweeted that this is the "real version", so there you go). Whatever the case may be, this beautiful EP is now up on Bandcamp, and looks prettier than ever. Everything I said then still holds water now. Shouts to the Jersey dreamers and Dub MD.

DOWNLOAD He Who Shines Truly - The Light Show

The idea that the experience is reason enough to search, "The Light Show" is what you get when you put (Four) dreamers and searchers in a room and say “just create what you feel”. Producer KRK! (Instrumental Heaven and Murdered Out Deloreans), Daniel Joseph (Pretty/Ugly), and Jahsyah, along with Steeve Sam, come together to deliver a twist of dreams, visions, and frequencies for the 'high' of free creation and the 'high' of delivering that moment in time to you.

Light Work Studios became an escape for artists usually lost in their minds. Monday nights - and the freedom to do whatever you wanted - created the space for these artists to let it all go, and create what is real music without a little creative freedom. This is more than just a movement for the hip-hop culture. It is the breaking of rules for music overall. Transcending genres and inventing new flows, He Who Shines Truly is set to show a different viewpoint of art. This is all for you, the fans of music, the lovers of art, and the inventors of creating new space.

So as the universe conspires to teach us new paths, He Who Shines Truly will serve as the guiding light to following your own way. They believe that there is a higher place that is unknown to dilemma and doubt. Allow them to take you on a journey. Explore and expand...
- Dub MD

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