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Dillinja LIVE At London's Calling (6/23/2012)

I truly didn't know what to expect from this mix. Dillinja is one of my favorite DnB producers, and one of the more misunderstood figures in the scene. Once he shied away from the styles he beasted prior to the 2000s, many dismissed his sound. I hope this mix from last month can help more of you understand. He rinses a number of his bigger tunes, and mixes up eras, with "Hard Noize" and "Gangsta" getting play alongside "Grimey", "Fast Car" and other hits he's had. It's also one of the better examples of his mixing that I've heard recorded. Might wanna light something up for this one, trust.

DOWNLOAD Dillinja LIVE At London's Calling (6/23/2012)

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