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TNGHT "Higher Ground"

So, this happened. Hudson Mohawke and Lunice had been making a load of noise individually, but they linked up seemingly on a whim as TNGHT and have been beasting the scene. EDM cats making Trap has nothing on this. Feels fully-realized, kind of like the shit UZ has been doing. This tune right here, though? Easily the flyest one on the project. The "reaching for higher ground" sample on this one makes it, literally elevates it up above not only the rest of the EP, but the rest of the cats out there tearing the club up on a hipster EDM level. This one dropped via Warp and Lucky Me this week, and I highly recommend you cop it. Even Legend from OnSMASH fucks with it. And 2DBz. I called this sound growing though, didn't I? Haven't I? If it wasn't me, then who?!?! Enjoy!!!


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