Rick Ross ft. Dr. Dre & Jay-Z "3 Kings"

"Classic Hip-Hop shit". Loving this one right here. Truly love everything about this. Flex premiered this on Hot 97 last night and rewound it for a half hour. Jake One's instrumental makes this - these same bars on any other track wouldn't be this hot. Jay alludes to freestyling his verse, and while many feel he phoned it in, he drops some gems. And I'm not mad at Dre's presence (who wrote that verse? Lamar? Ross?), or Ross' pistol lean. Also love each three weaving their own brands in (Dre and his headphones, Ross and his Maybach, Jay and the arena), and the three talking about "I only love her 'cause...". Feels like more of a collaborative effort than "here's the beat, rap". Just beautiful Music. Something different. I've rewound all morning, and will play all weekend - at least. Via IFWT, who also has an interview with Rick Ross calling into Hot 97; he spoke on this track, a paternity suit and Freeway Rick Ross, among other things. MissInfo has more on Ross assembling this tune, as well as lyrics to this banger. God Forgives, I Don't is in stores July 31st.


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