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Life's Complex

It's official, I'm the newest member of the Complex family. Some of you may have seen the early rumblings of this on twitter back in June, but this is something I've held close to my chest, mainly because I hate jinxing things.For the last month I've been in talks with Complex about an opportunity that I won't speak too crazy about right now, primarily because it's not fully fleshed out, and also because I like keeping you guys in suspense.

When I started RTD six years ago, I'd say a small part of me wanted to be given an opportunity to get PAID to WRITE. I've felt like it was something I could do, and the hard work has definitely paid off. I won't go off on a rant or spend an entire post of thank yous, but I do want to shout out heads like Noah, my new leader, my wife Anna, my boy Nappy, supportive peeps like Miss Info, Rizoh and the countless others who've either shouted me out today or in the past about my work, and all of the heads in between. Extra special shouts to Confusion, who will be my mentor on this new endeavor. I will still be around, trust me. Once I get my rhythm, it's going to be a WRAP.

Proper, private celebration is going down at the RTD Compound this Friday at whiskey o'clock, after I say goodbye to my current gig. I'll keep you guys posted on my goings-on while at the new position - we've only just begun. Hit the jump for my celebration/theme music(s).


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CHYNOD said...

So happy for you, KHAL! Thrilled to hear the good news, easily the best I've heard all day. God Bless You and don't stop fuxin' with dat good new nu. Love the way you integrated Dubplate Digest into RTD. You remain my #1 source for that crack muzik. I don't read Complex or any mags but I'll be searchin' for that once you start puttin' down the word in print.