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Jersey Fresh Jam 2013: The Calm

Yeah, it's that time again. The 2013 edition of the Jersey Fresh Jam is underway right... now. Head over to Terracycle at 121 New York Ave in Trenton, as the fam is out there doing the damn thing. You've got the best graffiti artists in Jersey, but there are cats coming from all over - this is a DESTINATION SPOT for graffiti writers, and one of the premiere Hip-Hop festivals in the area.

You've also got solid performances going on musically, with everyone from Black Collar Biz and the Blackout Kings and Molly Rhythm to Jersey representers like Skrewtape, Rich Quick, Tone Liv, Venomous2000, the Spitatainment crew, Mr. Fickle, and plenty more representing. There will also be vendors out there providing food and merchandise as well.

Why should you hit this up, though? I'm not sure if you realize, but there are an accelerated number of murders in the city of Trenton. Shit is messy out there, and from what the media shows, nothing but negativity thrives in Trenton. With events like this, Art All Night, and other creative outlets, the community should be seeing the positivity that thrives within the city. You need to balance this shit out, and while most media outlets won't champion the good that resides in this area, we have to show them what time it is. "Show 'em whatcha got!"

So, I'll be out there, documenting. If you remember my coverage from last year, expect more from that. I'll be embedded for most of the afternoon (and evening, depending on where the after party is), bringing you photos of the art (and performances), whatever video I can take, and my own thoughts on the situation. Document the culture, fam. Document the culture.

I hope to see you out there!

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