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Jersey Fresh Jam 2013: The Aftermath

I know, I know, yesterday I said I'd be doing my live-blogging dean. There was something about the Wifi out there, and just wanting to EXPERIENCE, that had me not sitting at my laptop for the duration of yesterday's Jersey Fresh Jam 2013. And I'm glad I didn't.

See, some experiences aren't experiences until they're experienced. Being able to be with my people, taking in the sights and sounds of another Jersey Fresh Jam? You can't put it into words. It's just an amazing time with a creative group of amazing New Jerseyans. From all of the talented graffiti artists (who did everything from painting Hunter S. Thompson to Game of Thrones characters) to the talented acts like Black Collar Biz and the Blackout Kings, Molly Rhythm, Skrewtape (who hit me with a copy of his Skumbag Millionaires album), DEMO, and many others getting on the stage and showing the enormous talent that's housed within the 609 area code. I didn't get to build with EVERYONE I wanted to, but that's for another time. There's just something in the air when NJ hip-hop family gets together.

I won't take too much of your time; I'll let these pictures do the talking. Here is my collection of shots from the Jam, as well as the awesome pics from V2Gphotography (whattup, Venomous?!?!). After the jump, I have (Blackberry) video from the Black Collar Biz and Biz Mighty performances. If I see more, I'll post more. UPDATE Here's the Trentonian's piece on the Jam.


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