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Donwill Has a Podcast

I don't remember when I got addicted to podcasts; it was probably when I was working customer service gigs years back. I'd do phone work, but in between I'd push papers around, and needed something that wasn't the same 5 songs on "urban radio" to listen to. I wanted to be entertained by my interests. Over the years I've become a fan of a number of podcasts, from Juan Epstein and the Combat Jack Show to Tonedeff and PackFM's Tacos & Chocolate Milk. Earlier this year, one of their very special guests was Donwill from Tanya Morgan / Lessondary fame, and he killed it. He's funny enough that you won't get bored with what he's talking about, but also knows how to drop some knowledge that his peers could and should understand. For those that remember, Don's also been featured on a few episodes of Combat Jack's show, so news that Dondub started his own podcast—Bad With Names—isn't a surprise, but it's something I need in my life ASAP. It's said to feature "conversations by and for working creatives along with other cool stuff that is still yet to be determined, sort of like life in general."

That shit is right up my alley.

The first two episodes are available for stream and download below, but you can also subscribe via iTunes and Stitcher. Make this a part of your life... ASAP!


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