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Details on Praverb's Cause of Death Have Been Released

Two months ago, we got word of the sudden death of one of our brethren, Praverb. At the time, there was no word on his having been sick or what could've taken him so suddenly. It looks like his wife Vanessa recently got the details on the situation and decided to share them with the world. It doesn't make his passing any easier, but it can be a lessen learned. Hell, my wife was talking to me yesterday about getting doctor's appointments scheduled. MAKE SURE YOU'RE HITTING THE DOCTOR, PEOPLE!! RIP Praverb.

"2 months today ... And Patrick made a way for us to start this healing process... I received the call from the medical examiner today who did his autopsy. I decided to share the with you all bc as painful as this is, it's a scary reality for us all.... Patrick suffered a massive heart attack, his heart was severely enlarged. We had no idea that this was going on. As much as I had been awaiting this confirmation... It's still breaks my heart and spirit. He can not say what caused the enlarged heart , but can only attribute to overall health and lifestyle .... I have not had a physical in almost 2 years now .... I ask this of everyone , please get an annual physical , take care of yourself, if something doesn't feel right, tell your doctor. I feel we were almost cheated that he didn't show any signs or symptoms of an upcoming heart attack, that we weren't given the usual symptoms and signs. Now that I know what took him from us , I must use this and move forward for Matthew. I will do whatever I have to do to make him proud."—Vanessa McNease

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