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Redman's "Dare Iz A Darkside" Turns 20

The Maggot Brain-inspired cover art. The ill red jewel case. Yup, Jersey's illest, Redman, is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his sophomore album, Dare Iz A Darkside. And I don't care what's on Muddy Waters, this will forever be my favorite Redman album. He might've perfected the formula with Muddy Waters, but I feel like this LP was the best at mixing the weird, blunted, zany side of Redman with the rough, rugged and raw side. All of that Dr. Trevis shit, over the "cosmic slop" funk sound of Erick Sermon? The fact that Redman produced the majority of this project? Hell, even Red's interludes were hotter. I'm going to crack some beers later and blast the hell out of this, remembering how a 13-year-old khal was mesmerized by tracks like "Can't Wait." Rock, rock on.


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