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The Oral History of Tanya Morgan

It's been a minute since we've hit you with an episode of Donwill's Bad With Names podcast, and while the rest are just as dope, I wanted to make sure you got up on the latest edition, which features an oral history of one of my favorite groups, Tanya Morgan:

"During the last days of our stay in the Bay area Tanya Morgan checked in with who could easily be considered one of the most important people in their careers, Dominic Del Bene. He's currently serving as Rooftop Comedy's Director of Production so unless you are a comedian his name may not ring bells but had it not been for him releasing their debut album Moonlighting you may have not heard of the group at all. In this episode we are given a brief oral history of Tanya Morgan and Loud Minority Music, the label that started it all."


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