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Lyle Horowitz - Psychotic Breaks

Lyle Horowitz took it back to the samples and breakbeats for his latest LP, and brought some friends along:

"Psychotic Breaks is not a reference to any sort of mental health issue or manic episode. I feel compelled to mention that because people are worried about me. I'm okay. Actually, I'm a little better than okay. Psychotic Breaks means something different within the context of this album. Psychotic is a reference to the style of sample chopping I'm doing throughout this album. Breaks is a reference to break-beats, the foundation of every beat I made during these sessions. Together, you have manic and sometimes discordant samples paired with some vintage break-beats. The record features appearances from Uncommon Nasa, Curly Castro, Pizza Boy, Blahzé Misfits, Virginia Slim, Melvin Burch, Andrew Frisby & DJ Mark Gayeski."


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