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Perez Released A Touching DJ Rashad Tribute Mix

I'll be spending a good while vibing out to DJ Rashad's material. Hell, it doesn't feel like it's been a year since I lamented for the footwork general. For heads who might not be up on what Rashad did before he really started to bubble, Barcelona's Perez dropped this tribute mix full of Rashad bits, primarily shit from his earlier stages. Really ill mix.

Rock to this set, and be sure to grab Machinedrum's Movin' Forward compilation, as well as that new TEKLIFE t-shirt; proceeds from both of those purchases go to Rashad's family.


DJ Rashad - On Your Face
DJ Rashad - House 2006
DJ Rashad - Hoe
DJ Rashad - Big Ole But
DJ Rashad - Wild Wild Get Buck
DJ Rashad - Damn Ma
DJ Rashad - On Your Knees 09'
DJ Rashad - Compute
DJ Rashad - Juke That Booty
DJ Rashad - Set It Off
DJ Rashad - What Have I Done
DJ Rashad - Just Like That
DJ Rashad - What What
DJ Rashad - Shake, Bounce, Drop, Twerk (feat Gant-Man)
DJ Rashad - I'm Good
DJ Rashad - It's Time
DJ Rashad - Roll Dat Shit Up
DJ Rashad - Deep Inside 06
DJ Rashad - Come On 2929
DJ Rashad - Back Dat Ass Up
DJ Rashad - I'm Too High

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