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Artwork Hosted a Magnificent "100% Prince Tribute Show"

I won't front: I got kind of pissed that I received a 90-minute Prince tribute in my inbox about two hours after the announcement of his passing. Part of that was just me not being able to fully process his loss (I still can't really put it into words, although many people who are better equipped have done amazing jobs).

Last week, Artwork decided to take the full two-hours of his Rinse FM show to pay tribute to Prince. I think I'm ready to process this, especially since he doesn't do the cookie-cutter "hits" set. This delves heavily into his funkier, earlier side. Staples like "Erotic City" and "I Feel For You" are included, but a lot of this is just straight-up funk jams. Oh, and it kicks off with "Money Don't Matter 2 Night," which has been stuck in my head since Prince died. Damn.


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