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Soul of the Message 2016 Graffiti Jam Live Blog

Once again, it's ON! Live at the Orchid House in Trenton, NJ (which is at 134 E. Hanover Street) is the 2016 Soul of the Message show, which this year features a dope Graffiti Jam with food, good people, and a bunch of music (both with DJs Jay Kountree and ItsJustAhmad) and a grip live performances, a HUGE surprise, and much, much more. It's a $10 entrance, and BYOB, so act like you know.

I'm on the premises and will be attempting to maintain a live blog (jacking free WiFi out here is a mother), as well as keeping photos posted via the RTD Facebook page. Keep it locked!

(No sign of LANK here, but this looks pretty lucious.)

(The weather is nice, the music is pumping, and the food is GOOD–and yes, there are vegan options.)

4:16PM: Not sure why, but the DJs have been on a little Jay Z tear. Not mad at ALL, but it's interesting. Word is that Kasso is going to be doing a special wall sometime this afternoon. If you're in the area, you don't want to sleep on it.

When you first walk in, Dez (aka @flykickz) is painting some, well, fly kicks on a canvas.

The folks at 1st Fam Radio are also broadcasting LIVE from the event. Not up on them, but they have their operation hooked up and are representing from the town. I also had a random conversation about this show Chase Street starring Clifton Powell that takes a look at Camden, NJ. I heard it was dope, and plan on checking it out in a bit.

Oh, there's also a FIRE PIT, fam!

There are also some fly pieces being thrown up on the walls as I type this.

If you're in Trenton, but you're not here, you're playing yourself.

5:20PM: The live performances are going down right now. I've been up front lounging, but I believe this might be the open mic cypher right now. There are a LOT of artists in the building, so it'll be dope to see what comes of these cyphers and live performances.

And just in case you were wondering, the painting is still going down.

5:59PM: There's a good crowd forming out back. Don't believe me?

That's what happens when the music starts going...or when the homey LANK shows up.

Jacque Howard of Trenton365 also ran through, and got an interview in with the big homey Will Kasso:

6:30PM:OK so we've been on some secretive shit, but now it's official: Kasso and the squad are going to be paying tribute to the late, great Prince in mural form. They're prepping the wall now.

There's also another, smaller Prince tribute going down in front, stencil style.

7:39PM: Those Prince tributes are coming together. While the Prince stencil is completed:

It looks like Kasso, Rain, and company are outside getting their Prince mural on:

And in case you didn't know, the performances are still LIVE:

We're actually going to be signing off; we have to get some enjoyment out of this show, too! Hopefully you came out---there's a dope crowd out here. Come get the good word.

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