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YC The Cynic is No Longer YC The Cynic

If you've been rocking with us for the past five-plus years, you've definitely seen some material from YC The Cynic. He gained even more followers with GNK, his debut project that dropped back in 2013, and he's had me mark on him because he would never reveal what the "YC" stood for (I always called him YellowCake, because obviously). Either way, he's a good dude who's made a big change in the next phase of his career.

Recently, the homey took to Facebook to announce that he's no longer YC The Cynic:

I was 12 years old when I got the name YC. I grew up with it, made mistakes, and starting making a name as a teenager. The further I got into adulthood, the more I felt suffocated by it. This change will allow me to be the artist I’m becoming, unapologetically. I’ve learned a lot about the industry since the release of my last album. Thanks for showing me love throughout the first chapter of my career. Hopefully you continue to rock with me. – Kemba (formerly known as YC The Cynic)

His first release as Kemba is "Pretty Bodies," an intriguing cut featuring Mr. MFN eXquire that's taken from The Farewell Tape, which should be out later this week. Word from WatchLOUD is that it features unreleased material with the likes of King Mez, Homeboy Sandman, Mick Jenkins, Rapper Big Pooh, Milo, and more. Stream "Pretty Bodies" below.


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