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Hustle Emcee - "Major Keys Freestyle"

The other day, I was out to get some lunch when I saw the homey Hustle Emcee at the bar. He was doing him, and we said whattup, but before he dipped, he hit me with a CD with a few gems on it. I know he's been getting back into the swing of things, and it's dope to hear that he's unleashing material like this.

Out now is his "Major Keys" freestyle, which finds Hustle going for his over that "Nas Album Done" instrumental from DJ Khaled's latest. And it's a scorcher. Nas merked that track, and Hustle gets on his own illmatic pen game for this, bringing intellect to the block. With hoodie season creeping into the air, these are some major keys for those who might be hugging that block. Think on it.


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