Prince Paul Put Out a Free Album This Year and (Seemingly) No One Noticed

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I can't hate on being busy...except for when my busy work schedule means I miss dope shit. Case in point, Prince Paul's The Redux, which was apparently a whole album from one of my favorite producers that dropped back in October. Not saying no one knew about it; Mass Appeal definitely premiered a track and posted on it, but I'm shocked that the #RealHipHop contingent that is all over my Facebook timeline wasn't hyping this. Shouts out to kris ex for bringing it to my attention, though.

How many albums find a way to feature the late, great Guru, Jean Grae, De La Soul, Def Squad, MF Doom and many, many more dope artists on the same project?! Paul can, because he's just that dude. Paul told Mass Appeal that he feels this is his best work in some time, and dropped the following description about the release: "I worked pretty hard on it and the concept is simply ‘getting a second chance to get it right.’ Upon listening you will get exactly where I’m coming from! Kind of cryptic but then again my work has always been." It would appear that The Redux is Paul's second attempt at his 2003 album Politics of the Business, which will end up putting a lot of things into perspective.

The Redux is available for free via Bandcamp, although it's in four separate MP3s as opposed to a tracked-out release. It's free, and comes with the promise of some new shit in 2018, so really, enjoy that.

Small Professor Gets Freaky With 'Nasty Jawns IV'

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Quiet as kept, Small Professor's getting the love in 2017 that I figured he should've been getting years back. Not only does he have a single with the late and legendary Sean Price under his belt, but, alongside Zilla Rocca, he's 1/2 of Career Crooks, who put out one masterpiece of an album, Good Luck With That. Delving deeper into his mental, Small Pro drops Nasty Jawns IV, a collection of NSFW-sounding instrumentals that blend the boom bap with the ass clap.

It's interesting; I remember growing up as a kid and listening to Prince or other R&B acts using actual sexual moans and sounds in the music and feeling mad dirty. Something about the carnal act being so private that committing it to wax felt like the ultimate sin. I'm a grown ass man, and now I just laugh at syrupy-slick Small Pro beats incorporating all kinds of sounds that reside for $free.99 over on XNXX.

Get your grown up on via Bandcamp.

Jett I. Masstyr Reflects On His 'Wonderful' 2017 With New Instrumental LP

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Despite the fact that Donald Trump is the current President of the United States, it's not like 2017 was all bad...right? OK, maybe that's a bit of a stretch. Doesn't mean you can't rejoice in the goodness that's come from the last year of life. That feel seems to be what pushed Jett I. Masstyr to construct his latest instrumental album, Wonderful.

"This past year for me has been a year of setbacks and steps forward on every level," Jett says. "I've put out more music this year than in the last 3-4 years combined. Wonderful is how I'm feeling, despite the ups and downs...things could be worse. But since we're all here, might as well call it what it is, Wonderful."

Stream the full project below, and if you're digging it, cop it via Bandcamp. While you're at it, check out this feature Micro Chop did on Jett I. Masstyr.

Lenzman and Dan Stezo Take It Back to 'The Boombox'

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Lenzman has been on a roll with The North Quarter, especially when it comes to cooking up marvelous mixtapes. Their latest, "The Boombox," feels like an instant classic. Lenzman's a don when it comes to a particularly soulful drum & bass vibe. Add Dan Stezo on the vocal, on a day like today, when Winter Storm Benji is lightly coating part of the East Coast with snow? Puts you in some type of mood.

The mix is massive, and free; stream and download below. And if you love that artwork, you can win a hoodie with the art on it. Only thing missing is a tracklist, which you more than likely won't get. Happy hunting!

Redman Is the Rap Oscar Madison, and This Compilation Proves It

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While I know Ivan of Hip Hop Is Read is around, I know he hasn't been keeping HHIR as tidy as he could.  Hell, I go through the same shit. But it's dope to see that he returns with a BANGER of a compilation, highlighting how ill Redman has been...over the last four years. For as many jokers as there are out there sleeping on Red, it's funny to see a compilation that's 24-tracks deep showcasing all of the reasons why you shouldn't be sleeping on Doc right NOW!

The best part? Ivan got the idea from a stray comment in a Hot 97 interview. Stream the full project below.

The Planet of the Drums Crew Assemble For a Drum & Bass 'Awakening'

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While AK1200, Dieselboy, Messinian, and DJ Dara have been touring the world, preaching the drum & bass philosophy as Planet of the Drums since 2000, this new mix ('Awakening') is their first official mix...EVER. Spanning 81+ tracks (which include a number of teases), this mix clocks in at an hour and 37 minutes, and truly takes heads to another dimension. There's no time frame on track selection; you're being given teases of Remarc's "RIP" and Digital's "Deadline" alongside newer material from DC Breaks, Chase & Status, Dimension, and others. The set moves at full speed, doesn't take breaks, and is the perfect way to ride out a truly trying year.

This set is a perfect combination of the squad's collective strengths, and should be seen as a proper statement of intent from the crew. Stream and download the mix via SoundCloud, and bask in the glow of the tracklist down below.

Cymarshall Law Remixed An Ed Sheeran Track

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Wifey and I have been watching a fuckload of those FBE "React" channel episodes where the adults and teens they have on the payroll have to guess songs by a few seconds of audio. The other day, they played Ed Sheeran's "The Shape Of You," and while I couldn't figure out the name of the song, I knew I was a fan of the track...which was kind of surprising?

Almost as surprising as NJ's Cymarshall Law going for almost three moments over this slinky riddim about, what else, shorty who he's eyeing. Truth be told, if you're trying to holler at shorty, you might need to commit some of these lines to memory. She'll be impressed. Then pass her the MP3 and be like "here, this is how I feel about you." You're welcome. Stream and download below.

DJ Cable's "Work" Flips a Hip-Hop Classic

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DJ Cable's a certified favorite here at RTD for tracks like this. The UK-based DJ/producer/label head has an edge up on most, considering that he's a nimble-fingered DJ who knows how to properly slide in between the worlds of hip-hop and grime to create truly unique tunes for the heads on both sides. Riddle me this: who else would take the sample from East Flatbush Project's "Tried By 12" and turn it into this diced-up UK grime mastrerpiece? Add emcees Reece West and Grim Sickers to the mix and it's MURDAH!

Cable's not only giving away the vocal for "Work," but he's also giving you the instrumental, all for the free. What more could you truly as for?

Holly (and Company) Journey Into the Future on 'Maggie Love'

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Portugal's Holly has truly been on one. My homey Nappy put me onto his material back when we were still asking if androids could dance, and the prolific producer has netted himself everything from releases on SMOG, Firepower, Trekkie Trax, and other progressive imprints to winning A-Trak's first Goldie Awards.

For his next trick, he's aligned with SATURATE! to release his new EP, Maggie Love, featuring a number of talented producers: Starkey, Kraddy, and more. And because it's SATURATE!, it features a host of superfuture material and a stack of remixes, including an intoxicating rework from DJ Pound. The entire release (10 tracks, including remixes) feels like we're immersing ourselves in the future of sound. Dare to dive in.

You can grab the EP from SATURATE!'s Bandcamp page for free; it will only be available for a limited time for that price, so hop on this deal ASAPia.

Westside Gunn Is Coming Off The Top Rope, "Finn Balor"

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You ever been making a mix(tape) and wanted to slow the vibe down a mite, but couldn't find the track to do it? Westside Gunn's latest might be that one. Similar to how Ghostface can take a hypnotic, throwback loop and do a thug's waltz to it, Gunn comes off the top rope (similar to WWE superstar Finn Balor) on the Green Lantern-produced track. This isn't an elegant swan dive; Gunn's brutalizing the beat, stomping on top of it on some precision missile shit.

The best part? It's available for free. Enjoy that.