PREMIERE: A Mankind Complex - "Overachieve"

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Another day, another dollar, and A Mankind Complex is here to "Overachieve." The CapCity representers cooked up a motivational anthem for heads who don't want to just get by or get ahead; this is for those out there who are looking to break all preconceived notions and goals. The go getters who are going and getting.

You can stream (and download) this track in full down below. Big up to the Cap City crew.

Cameron Murdoch ft. Shepherds & Masego - "Regular Guy"

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I got this track a few weeks back, and was truly intrigued. I can't front like this is my favorite track of the year, but I love where Cameron Murdoch is going with it. "Regular Guy" is taken from his recently-released project I Love Me Too, and the Minnesota-based MC/producer got me open.

There's something about that proto-jungle rhythm on this one, giving the rhythm a good kick in the pants without trying to double time everything. It's especially sweet because he's actually saying something; this is one of those tracks for the good guys who are outchea getting dumped on by the objects of their affection. Something that speaks to a younger me in message and sound, and definitely a jawn you should take notice of.

You can stream and download "Regular Guy" below, and if you're feeling froggy, jump on over to iTunes and grab I Love Me Too in full.

Quelle Chris - "Buddies"

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Now this is my kind of insanity. Quelle Chris first hit my ear years ago for his beats, but I've loved how he's spread his wings on the mic. On the Ayepee-produced "Buddies," Chris goes to great lengths to let you know why he fucks with himself (spoiler alert: most of you ain't shit, so he needs to ride for delf). Like he said when dropping the track, "True love starts from within. Don't just greet the world. Introduce the world to your best friend. You."

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say, but fuck it; "Buddies" is apparently from Quelle Chris' forthcoming album, which hasn't been announced but should be dropping in 2017. You can stream this beaut down below, and grab it for free via Bandcamp.

J-Live - "Eleven Nine"

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I've been a fan of J-Live's for over 15 years, but I have to keep it a buck: this new joint, "Eleven Nine," has me feeling the way I felt about his sophomore album, 2002's The Best Part. Something about J diving deep into his social commentary bag, pouring all of those feelings we've had since Trump won the election on top of the stale cereal made up of America's fuckery into some heat. Deeply poetic, all the way real, "Eleven Nine" is true food for thought.

This track is taken from At The Date Of This Writing (Vol 1), the first in a series of all self-produced cuts from J-Live. It's out via Mortier Music on December 12. "Eleven Nine" is available when you pre-order; stream this serious dose of medicine and cop the project ASAP.

Jeremy Ian Thomas - "She Waits"

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I woke up today actually feeling OK, but in the last half hour or so started feeling some type of way. It drew me to the music of Jeremy Ian Thomas, who's dropping his The Emerald Tablet project on December 9. Shouts to Rappers I Know for putting me on; these kind of soothing, serene tracks help ease the nonsense of the daily grind. Fuck the dumb, use music to numb...or something.

DJ Zinc Makes His Return to the Essential Mix

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Seven years ago, the impeccable DJ Zinc put together one of my favorite Essential Mixes ever. By that point, he was already very deep into the non-dnb world. This time around, with the basshouse/night bass scenes taking over both sides of the Atlantic, Zinc returns with a smashing Essential Mix set that premiered last night on BBC Radio 1.

As they put it, "A workout for your bassbins! The British breakbeat, house and junglist legend DJ Zinc is back on the Essential Mix with a stack of new material, alongside tunes from Chris Lorenzo, My Nu Leng, Kry Wolf, Redlight and Cadenza."

Hopefully there's word on another Zinc EP (or album!) in the near future, because his cuts in this set are huge. You can stream the full mix right here, and check out the entire tracklist so you don't miss a tune!

DJ JS-1 Spans All Genres In New 'On Track' Mix

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As you know, we don't just rock to hip-hop around here; we're fans of pieces of MANY genres, so when experienced DJs like JS-1 step up for these multi-genre mixes, you have to stand up and take note.

In describing "On Track," JS-1 says "I listen to a variety of music. This mix is a collection of several songs I listen to while on tour or sitting on airplanes, etc... I hope you enjoy it, a lot of DJ's are not doing these type of mixes."

The set is MASSIVE. Over 90 minutes of music, featuring a whopping 84 tracks(!) with artists like OutKast, Coldplay, The Beatles, Next, The Spinners, John Lennon, Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder, and plenty more occupying the mix. Everything from classic soul and R&B to rock to pop to hip-hop to everything in between, "On Track" is a great mix to zone out to with a room full of like-minded friends.

"On Track" is available for download via DJ JS-1's site; we've provided a stream, and you should know where to find that full tracklist.

The Dixon Brothers Get You Into the Holiday Spirit With Their "Ho! 3X" Mix

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Having trouble getting into the holiday spirit? Don't fret, the Dixon Brothers have your back. The UK-based duo is back with a perfect 11-minute holiday mixtape, featuring classics and remixes of said classics. Everything is in here, including Destiny's Child, the Jackson 5, Brenda Lee, and more, with reworks from Buck Rodgers, Nishe and Gin, Beef Wellington, and others.

As the Brothers put it, "If The Grinch, Buzz McCallister and Ebenezer Scrooge (before the ghosts) made a Christmas mix... this is what it would sound like." Make this mix a part of your life; stream it via Mixcloud, and the full tracklist is down bottom.

Watch TV One's 'Unsung' Documentary On Frankie Knuckles and the History of House Music

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Image via Dave Hoekstra

Earlier this week, TV One's Unsung series looked at the life and legacy of DJ Frankie Knuckles, who passed away two years ago. He's truly the architect of house music (hell, the name "house music" wouldn't even be a thing if it wasn't for heads in need of a way to describe what Frankie would play at Chicago's Warehouse club), but instead of just looking at his life, Unsung decided to dig a bit deeper, taking a look at the history of house music, growing from the ashes of disco hatred to a worldwide phenomenon.

Fans of electronic music owe a lot to Frankie. Take some time out to reflect on the life of a true pioneer. You can stream the documentary in full down below. If you want more on Frankie, check out the letter Barack Obama wrote after he passed, as well as a collection of Frankie's best tracks. For those who might be new to Frankie's material and house music as a genre, we've added some mixes of his (including his last-ever recorded set) down below.

Run The Jewels - "Legend Has It"

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Image via Run The Jewels

Word hit today that Run The Jewels' third album, RTJ3, is set to hit on January 13. With that, they dropped "Legend Has It," the out-and-out BANGER I've been waiting for. Just hit play and listen.

Something about when Killer Mike and El-P are able to go for broke over a monstrous beat sits well with me. Also has me feeling great about RTJ3, which also features Danny Brown, Trina, and Kamasi Washington. Full tracklist down below.