P. Morris Bares His 'TEETH'

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It's how out there, and sometimes you need your beats to match the heat. On TEETH, P. Morris provides the strips down a cavalcade of pop culture influence into a bare, bombastic free project. With everyone from Wyclef to Jay Z getting it (in the form of twisted samples), P. Morris throws the buddha-blessed mania of a culture being hit with too much media to a beat.

It's worth the price of admission, which is pay-what-you-want for the digital, or $7 for a limited-edition CD version. There's two bonus tracks, including a live recording of a TEETH performance at Low End Theory. Hit up Bandcamp for more details.

The Lessondary Crew is FINALLY Dropping That Album

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I actually feel like an asshole; I'd seen this hit the Internets a bit ago, but life had me from actually peeping it. That kills me, because I feel like I've been waiting for this Lessondary group album for forever already. Think about it: the combined forces of Tanya Morgan, Ilyas, Elucid, Rob Cave, Jermiside, Brickbeats, AND Aeon?! I feel like I've been hearing about this at LEAST since the release of Brooklynati, and it looks like the squad has finally got the project to gether.

This first cut, which is the first cut on the forthcoming Ahead of Schedule, is a hook-less, hyper posse cut that finds the various MCs going for broke over a Brickbeats track. If you listen to this and don't understand why I fucks with them, you need your head examined.

Ahead of Schedule drops on June 24, 2016; pre-order via Bandcamp today.

Jubilee Is Here to Fuck the Summer Up With 'Magic City II'

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If you're looking for a summertime soundtrack chock full of pulsating Beats, the one like Jubilee is here to hook you up. Following up on her first Magic City compilation from last year, the BKLYN by way of Miami DJ/producer has assembled a serious batch of Miami bass-inspired tracks, featuring the likes of Addison Groove, Salva, and Ape Drums.

Currently, I'm fucking with the "Dab Daddy" track by LouisVExclusive; something about the future flavor with the throwback call-and-response vibes that has me open.

Jubilee done done it again! Shouts to Opening Ceremony. You can grab this via WeTransfer.

Snow Tha Product's Dropped Two Bangers in The Last Two Weeks

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If you're not up on her, Snow Tha Product is a problem. While her vlogs are hilarious and introspective, she's always had bars. Always. In the last two weeks she's truly geared up her releases, dropping a heavyweight lyrical gem with "No Cut," while today her new single "Nights" is perfect for the club.

Stream both below, and keep your eyes peeled. She SHOULD be in all of your playlists.

TC Gave Away 16 of His Previously-Unreleased Bootlegs

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TC has been a badman when it comes to drum & bass production, and I've always appreciated the care he puts into dnb bootlegs of non-dnb tunes. To celebrate the pre-order on his upcoming Unleash the Wolves album, he gave away 16 bootlegs that had been sitting in his record bin for a bit. Well, almost; his bootleg of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" was available for download about three years ago, but many of these haven't come out, including his magnificent rework of Julio Bashmore's anthem "Au Seve." It's also interesting to note that the .zip is labeled "Part 1"—can we expect a Part 2 at some point?

If you need some dnb in your life, grab these ASAP. You can grab the .zip here or here. Tracklist and SoundCloud embeds below.

Kemba Is Here With "The New Black Theory"

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Last month, Kemba put the nail in YC The Cynic's coffin, and is getting the ball rolling on his upcoming album, Negus. Kemba says that you need to be blasting this as soon as you leave your house, as it'll give you superhuman strength...and he's right. This is that new new for these new news. Blast it.

Negus drops for free on July 22.

Some New Rap Came Out Last Night

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Because I'm old, I went to bed kind of early last night. I kind of did it on purpose, because with so much new rap coming out, I didn't want to get consumed by the Twitter Rapperati. You lot might dig the newness (aka new projects from Chance the Rapper and Post Malone), so I figured you guys might want them in one spot.

Go in.

De La Soul Previews Long-Awaited Kickstarter Album With New EP

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It's been a minute since we heard that De La Soul was working on a new album. They actually went in over a three-year period with some studio musicians to create original sounds that they'd end up sampling and turning into their upcoming album And The Anonymous Nobody.

While the world was freaking over Drake's VIEWS, De La quietly dropped this four-track sampler of the album. While it's bookended by skits, it's dope to see them back on their shit. Stream the EP below.

Submerged and Bill Laswell Are Back With 'After Such Knowledge, What Forgiveness?'

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Ever since I was a kid, I've been searching for the perfect beat. That journey brought me to the sounds of Bill Laswell, who is one of the most captivating musicians I've ever heard of. He's a bass player and producer who's never been afraid to experiment in sound, with his sounds being heard everywhere from Herbie Hancock's Future Shock album to remixing Bob Marley and Miles Davis to his bands like Praxis and Methods of Defiance, the latter of which surprised me.

Coming into the drum & bass scene, especially stateside, you get to know guys like Submerged, a producer and label head of Ohm Resistance. Methods of Defiance is a project that Laswell and Submerged linked up for a couple of times over the last decade (including 2007's all-star dnb excursion titled INAMORATA), and today, their new release, After Such Knowledge, What Forgiveness?, is out today.

As you'll hear in the clips below, these two linked up for some forward-thinking, dirty future takes on everything from drum & bass to dubstep, bridging the gap for heads who might want more leftfield progression in their electronic journeys. These two don't get shook when approaching a "boundar"; they just walk around or barrel through them.

Word from Submerged is that the vinyl release of this project is due out on June 10th; you can grab the digital version via Ohm Resistance today, and pre-order the 2xLP edition as well from Bandcamp as well. Happy digging!

Donwill ft. Che Grand - "GOT"

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Dope little ditty from Donwill featuring his Lessondary compadre Che Grand. I saw a tweet recently saying that the Lessondary album will FINALLY be happening. Joints like this have me open as hell, and making me wish I had that shit right now.