Celebrate 'Moonlight's Oscar Wins With This Chopped & Screwed Remix of The 'Moonlight' Soundtrack

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Last night, Moonlight made history. Today? We celebrate with Purple Moonlight, aka a chopped and screwed remix of the Moonlight soundtrack, done with director Barry Jenkins' blessing.

This flip is a smart one, considering that Moonlight features a chopped and screwed version of Jidenna's "Classic Man" that's used to perfection. Sadly, there's no Prince Ali on this mixtape.

Stream Purple Moonlight below, and grab the Moonlight soundtrack for your ride.

Kemba Opens Up In "Already" Video

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The last time we saw Kemba, he was spitting a verse for Kendrick Lamar that had the entire internets wondering if he was TDE. For those who hadn't been paying attention then, they are surely paying attention now, so it makes sense that Kemba drops a video for "Already," a standout Frank Drake-produced cut from Negus. While the project as a whole is more of a new school negro spiritual, the attitude on this clip is more playful yet New York. Kemba says he linked up with Jeffrey Almonte, aka the kid who made that ultra-viral "chopped cheese" video.

Kemba will only have so much time to celebrate this, though; today, it was announced that he will be joining Boogie, Michael Christmas, and Kaydio on the first No Ceilings Tour from Pigeons & Planes. They kick things off on April 18 in DC, hitting a number of markets before the tour ends in Los Angeles in May. Check out the full schedule, as well as the complete "Already" video down below.

Hudson Mohawke Returns For His 10th "Slow Jams" Mix

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It ain't a Valentine's Day if Hudson Mohawke doesn't drop a "Slow Jams" mix. Here's his tenth. Preview it below, then download it so you have it ready for your late-night excursions with bae this evening.

MJ Cole Drops a Stunning Mix of "Not Dance Music" For Solid Steel

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While DJ mixes are some of the best ways to discover the sounds of dance music, that doesn't mean dance music DJs only want to play dance music. Case in point, UK garage legend MJ Cole. For his new Solid Steel set, he went left: "I weaved and meandered through my collection of not Dance Music," he told them, "and bound it together to form and hour of pianos, textures, voices and audio nuggets which together make my Solid Steel mix."

Featured in this set is material from Lapalux, Floating Points, Radiohead, Bonobo, and Cole himself. Stream, download, and chill out below.

Inkke Gets Dark and Moody On New Project, 'Faded With Da Kittens Vol. 1'

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I don't know about you, but I'm a bit under the weather. That paired up with some chilly February weather has me wanting to stay in a hoodie and under the covers. Dark and gloomy status. It's times like this when I want to make sure I have the proper soundtrack for my turn down, and Inkke's surprise compilation, Faded With Da Kittens Vol. 1, perfectly matches my mood.

There's something about the blunted hip-hop influence in Inkke's sounds that always matches where my mind is at. This 11-track release feels like exactly what I'll be vibing to for the rest of this winter season. This cut "Slippin'" will be on repeat for the next half hour. The best part? It's available for whatever you want to pay. Grab this 11-tracker ASAP, trust. Stream the full release down below.

Hucci Celebrates His 21st Birthday With a New Single, "Life"

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Image via Hucci
I remember initially getting intoxicated by the trap stylings of the UK-based producer known as Hucci. Part of it was that infectious drop of his, but the majority of it was just how slick and concise his sound was. I always wanted him to pop, but from what I heard/read, Hucci just couldn't work without samples.

Whatever the case may be, dude's still done for himself, taking his sound across the world. He's touched back down for his 21st birthday and decided to let loose a new banger, "Life." If you fucks with Hucci, you know the sound; moody, dark, and hypnotic. Dude's in the pocket on this one.

Stream and download Hucci's "Life" down below.

MoonDoctoR & DJ Earl - "Aah"

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The last time we got some new material from MoonDoctoR it was via DJ Earl's Open Your Eyes album, so it makes sense that the first new bit from the Freshmoon camp is a collab with Earl.
As expected, "Aah" is a hypnotic, hyperactive piece of footwork excellence that you can download for free for a limited time. Don't play yourself by letting this one fly by.

Latasha Alcindor Shocks the World (Or At Least Her Fans) With Surprise Album 'B(LA)K'

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Been a fan of Latasha Alcindor for a bit, back when she was just known as L.A. She's one of those artists who is so ill that it bothers me when jokers are like "where are all the ladys who spit at?" She's it, and while she's not been dropping projects as heavy as others, she hasn't been sleeping. This surprise release, B(LA)K, has apparently been gestating since 2012, and from what she's told The TakeOvah, this is one of those projects that she felt she needed to get out there, even if it's not as 100% as she wants it to be.

"I just never thought it was good enough for the story that I’m telling. All the music that I’ve heard is so highly produced and so clean cut and perfect. I’m so influenced by people like Kendrick Lamar. People like J. Cole who are gonna give you a full project ya know? BLAK to me is incomplete, and maybe that’s on purpose. Maybe there’s a reason why it has to be incomplete, and so …I think I’ve been holding it like a baby for this long…but I think I just gotta let it be what it is."

The mentions of Kendrick and Cole make sense; B(LA)K definitely feels like a complete thought, with interludes flowing into big ideas diving into intoxicating tracks. This is definitely a grower. Press play, and keep it locked to what Latasha's got cooking.

Paul White is Here With 'Everything You've Forgotten'

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If you're not up on the UK-based producer Paul White, you might not be paying attention. In 2016 alone, he contributed 10(!) tracks to Danny Brown's acclaimed album Atrocity Exhibition—and has been working with Danny since XXX—and dropped an album with Open Mike Eagle, Hella Personal Film Festival. If you needed more of his blunted, sample-heavy sound, he's unleashed a free beat tape, Everything You've Forgotten, which is 19 tracks of excellence sprawled out over a 29-minute journey.

You can stream the full project down below, and grab it via Bandcamp.


MeccaGodZilla Has a New Name, New Albums

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While MeccaGodZilla is a name we first started seeing about nine years ago, I hadn't realized the Brooklyn-born, Long Island-raised producer/MC was on a two-year hiatus. Today, I got word that not only is he back, but he's got a totally new name: ADUM⁷ (which stands for A Dream Universally Manifested⁷). With that new identity, he's also released a pair of new albums, ERROARS 3.3: 起死回生 and 光: Let There Be.... Don't let the Japanese characters confuse you; ADUM⁷ has been living in Tokyo, Japan since 2010; he even founded his Manafest Vision Media imprint out there.

While these projects are rooted in hip-hop, the push to explore and experiment in sound and genre is evident. These projects feel more like future music for curious thinkers; loads of delicate melodies atop chilled soundscapes. Some shit to really throw on and explore.

You can stream both projects down below. Open your third eye and take it all in.