Hustle Emcee - "Major Keys Freestyle"

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The other day, I was out to get some lunch when I saw the homey Hustle Emcee at the bar. He was doing him, and we said whattup, but before he dipped, he hit me with a CD with a few gems on it. I know he's been getting back into the swing of things, and it's dope to hear that he's unleashing material like this.

Out now is his "Major Keys" freestyle, which finds Hustle going for his over that "Nas Album Done" instrumental from DJ Khaled's latest. And it's a scorcher. Nas merked that track, and Hustle gets on his own illmatic pen game for this, bringing intellect to the block. With hoodie season creeping into the air, these are some major keys for those who might be hugging that block. Think on it.

Donwill Is Dropping All Kinds of New Music

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I'm not sure if it's because Lessondary finally dropped their album, but I'm loving all of the new Lessondary material that's dropping. Last week, it was a Tanya Morgan cut (produced by Che Grand), and this week, we not only get ANOTHER Che Grand-produced TM track, but we get a full EP from Donwill.

Yes, you read that right.

RTDMIX003: Patrice McBride

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Image via Jeff Stewart
With fall in the air, it's imperative that you have the right selection. Luckily, my homey Patrice McBride is here to solve whatever soundtrack issues you might have.

I've known Patrice for a bit now; the city of Trenton, NJ is so small, you're bound to run into the small number of people who rock with electronic music sooner or later. I just rarely run into drum & bass heads. Patrice has been in in the game for a while, first getting bit by the DJ bug back in middle school while living in Philly. As his skills progressed, he not only took on the mash-up game, but got some production credits under his belt, too. While he lives in Trenton, he thrives in the City of Brotherly Love, being named one of Philly's top DJs in October of 2015.

You can hear him mixing an array of styles, but it was at the Mujeres exhibit at Artworks Trenton a few weeks ago where I heard him sneak some dnb into the atmosphere. After a quick catch-up, he knocked out 52+ minutes of current liquid styles from this year, featuring music from Lynx, Zero T, Logistics, and a scorcher from that new Utah Jazz album. Throw this one into your earholes ASAP.

You can stream this mix below, and if you're so inclined, subscribe to the podcast.

SPKTRM and Ronin Selecta Are AGN7

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2016 has been an intriguing year for drum & bass. Bad Company made a comeback, TeeBee and Optical have looked back at their glorious back catalogs, and producers like Detboi have helped light a fire under Goldie and the Metalheadz imprint. That said, there's still a void in the genre; not too many producers are taking charge and truly bridging the gap between the cerebral drum & bass pressure we grew up with in the mid-to-late '90s with today's sound aesthetic...until now.

Enter AGN7, a duo made up of SPKTRM and Ronin Selecta. Heads should be up on SPKTRM; he's one of the few stateside producers who truly updated the old school sound and style many grew to love, and his 2012 album Android Dreams on Project 51 was truly his opus. Ronin Selecta's put in this time as well, working as a producer and a force behind the decks, tearing it down for worldwide dnb radio institution BassDrive with a similar understanding of the scene as SPKTRM does.

These are the AGN7s of change. Calling their aesthetic "adventurous," AGN7 says they are "devoted to exploring the myriad corners of where the music could go, but hasn’t yet." With their debut single on AGN7 Audio, that definitely seems to be the case.

"Mantra" is one of those pressure cookers, with the drums kicking in super early (and super hypnotic), establishing a calm with some ethereal vocals and chilled breakbeat edit work before a monster of a gutpunch in the way of sub bass and even harder drums kicks in. On the flipside, "Vignette" gets more militant with a drumfunk exercise in precision cuts. A lethal collection that steps to the left of what people expect from their regular dnb diet, which is a huge plus.

AGN7 says that each release will be different than the last, which is a blessing for those who don't want to touch an imprint for the same "sound." Giving listeners something they can embrace because they know they'll be challenged? I'm all for that.

This single is set to drop via AGN7 Audio in October. Preview both sides down below.

Kaytranada's New Mixtape "0.001%" Is Better Than His Album "99.9%"

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Earlier this year, Kaytranada dropped his long-awaited debut album 99.9%. While I dug it, it didn't give me the next level feels I thought I'd be getting. Dude's definitely a part of the future of black electronic music, but much of the project leaned on the club-ready jams that got people into his stellar remix game. It could be my fault; I love his deeper cuts with less 4-on-the-floor. Sue me.

This week, Kaytra got ill with it and let loose an almost 90-minute mixtape situation entitled "0.001%," which is said to feature "beats, loops, remixes and sounds made during the process of 99.9%." Look at this as cuts that might've painted the journey to that project...I just look at it as jams I wish I had on the release as well. No tracklist, but you'll hear some fly remixes as well as the instrumental to the Katy B track Kaytranada produced, "Honey."

DJ Food Debuts Third "Future Shock" Mix on Solid Steel

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Back in 2014, DJ Food kicked off his "Future Shock" mix series, which combined a grip of retro-y electronic/sci-fi tracks in a style he cleverly described as "Music from the Future you remember from your Past." The second mix hit in March of 2015, and this week, he dropped the third edition on Solid Steel.

Loads of ill sounds on here, including bits from Gil Scott Heron, Boards of Canada, The Human League, and even "The Imperial March." Get right to this.

Scott Melker Is Back With Another Dose of Soul House

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With today being the first day of fall, you're going to need the right mix to usher in this crispy new season. Leave it to Scott Melker, who is continuing his monthly Soul House mix series with this tasty set. In just under 32 minutes, he goes all the way from Keith Sweat's "I Want Her" to Usher's "Caught Up," with a number of edits and remixes from the likes of Eli Escobar, Gigamesh, Satin Jackets, and more. Personally, I love that he goes on an extended Prince run towards the end, including the dropping of "Erotic City."

As per usual, Scott's tearing down the 1 Hotel South Beach Rooftop every Thursday; if you're in the Miami area, you should peep it. If you can't make it, be sure to turn up to this mix, which you can download via Brooklyn Radio right now.

Danny Brown ft. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, & Earl Sweatshirt - "Really Doe"

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If you've not heard this today, I don't know what to tell you. Rosenberg premiered this Black Milk-produced cut from Danny Brown's Atrocity Exhibition, and it's all gang gang gang. Danny with Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, AND Earl Sweatshirt? You already know what it is. This'll be in your rotation all day.

Stream the track below, and pre-order the album today.

Ray Dawn - "Due Time"

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It's been a minute since I've heard some new Ray Dawn, so it's dope to get something new from him to give to the people. This is one of those tracks that should become your anthem if you're out here trying to get what's coming to you and need to cut out the bullshit and fuckery out of your life.

Ray's coming into his own; he's coasting on this Bravestarr-produced beat, giving heads a mantra to stay persistent. Forget everyone else and just mind yours.

Word from Ray is that he's planning on dropping a new single every three weeks or so, so if you're a fan of "Due Time," we suggest you should be keeping it locked for his future material.

Tanya Morgan - "Clappas (Cap-It-All)"

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2016 is a blessing for Lessondary fans; that long-awaited Lessondary album Ahead of Schedule finally dropped, and now there's word that Tanya Morgan's new album You Get What You Pay For is set to be released this fall. This new banger, "Clappas (Cap - It - All)," is produced by fellow Lessondary vet Che Grand (who recently released Bad Man Grand), and it's a perfect lit weekend cool out tune. Check that bass.

Something about these brothers that will forever have me open. Students of the world of hip-hop who are knowledgeable about the internet and know how to spit witty fly shit over hypnotic beats? Forever open. Look out for You Get What You Pay For on HiPNOTT Records.