Slim K is Back For 'Purple Children 8'

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Slim K's Purple Children 8 has been on repeat for most of this week. If you aren't up on his Purple Children series, it's where Slim makes sure to chop mostly new school rappers for the next generation. This edition has some really ill chops on it; I'm a personal fan of his chop of Valee's "Juice & Gin". That's my type of hype, and that cover from AWGE's Rob Gallardo fits the vibe perfectly.

Stream the full project below, and cop it via Bandcamp. Then go back and run through his chop of Jay Rock's whole Redemption LP.

Eprom & ZEKE BEATS "Humanoid 2.0"

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In August of 2016, EPROM murdered my brain cells for the rest of the year via his Solid Steel mix. It was so dub-laden that cuts from it are just now getting out. The mix kicked off with his collaboration with ZEKE BEATS, "Humanoid 2.0," which is a bass-drenched, robotic-voiced banger that highlights exactly why both producers are the cream of the crop. It dropped this week via Division, and is a scorcher. Stream it below, and cop it ASAPula.

Method Man "Grand Prix"

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Some unexpected heat from Method Man? We'll take all of it. This Dame Grease-produced cut "Grand Prix" is from Meth's The Meth Lab: The Lithium, which is being billed as a "collaborative album". That project is set to drop later this year, and hopefully "Grand Prix" is one of many gems on the release. Check out Meth's ginsu-sharp wordplay on this one.

UNIIQU3 "Phase 3"

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The Jersey Club dynamo UNIIQU3 is back with a brand new EP, Phase 3, set to drop via NLV Records on August 24. This week, she unleashed the title track, and it's a monster. The cut, which finds the Jersey Club Queen infusing a number of throwback sounds into a futuristic club stew, also features UNIIQU3 rockin' her shit on the vocals. Not too many producers are doing it like her, on such a consistent level, but that's just how Jersey does.

Stream "Phase 3" below, and if you need it in your playlists, cop that shit.

Cloudy Uchiha ft. 1iSinny "Shot Caller"

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I don't know Cloudy Uchiha, 1iSinny, or DJ Creecha from a can of paint. Not sure how they found me. I will say is Creecha did the damn thing with this beat. You know the horn, but throwing it under a trunk-rattling set of drums and bass like that? This cut from the Detroit spitter could've gone a different way if it wasn't for that instrumental. Facts.

blctxt "Time"

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The other day, the homie blctxt hit me saying he had some new material. I feel like it's been forever since I've heard him do his thing, so it's dope to see that he's back at it. Speaking on his new song, "Time", blc says "Reality binds us with the concept of time but in our minds, time is almost nonexistent. The cool Jazz flip with big drums is produced by Cheeze Beatz (co-producer of "Bartier Bardi") while blctxt explores this theory of handling time in the verses with Joshua Worden crooning on topic via the chorus."

Peep the dope visual below, and keep your eyes on blctxt; I have a feeling he's got some more fire up his sleeve.

Ase Manual "Oh Okay"

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Ase Manual is someone UNIIQU3 put me onto. They collaborated on her cut "2 The Floor", and I was a big fan of his Black Panther: The Album remix project. On "Oh Okay," some hypnotic guitar strums play on a loop as he lets some club-ready percussion boom on the under. Big body track that makes for a very unexpected banger. Grab it over on Bandcamp.

Jansport J's Feeling "blue"

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Jansport J has been a favorite of this site for a while, so we're loving news of a new instrumental album from him. LOW, his ninth instrumental project, is set to drop on September 28, and this week he let "blue" go. The track's lead by some chopped vocals and moving pianos. Great Sunday soundtrack, trust. You can cop "blue" today, and pre-order the full project via Bandcamp.

Milo and Elucid Team Up For 'Nostrum Grocers'

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Crazy how these things work. According to the receipt I found stuck under the driver's seat, Nostrum Grocers (aka the collaboration from Milo and Elucid) was born almost three years ago, when Elucid flew out to Milwaukee to chop it up with Rory. They then sat on the project, not getting back into the project until 2017. Interesting enough, during the time this album was conceived to when it was released, both emcees became fathers. You can hear growth and optimism in the lyrics, although it packs equal amounts of black power and clarity in the 10-track opus as well.

Stream and cop this album via Bandcamp, and if you're in the NY area, you can hear it performed live on August 19 at Elsewhere (Zone One) in Brooklyn.

Kev Brown Returns With 'Homework'

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Kind of crazy when you read that this new album, Homework, is Kev Brown's first in 13 years. Kev's not been quiet, but a solo offering from him? It's been long overdue. Guess that's why he made sure gift us with 27 tracks on this longplayer. The best part? It's exactly what the game's been missing.

We'll shut up, you'll press play, then you'll cop via Bandcamp (or HERE for CD/vinyl options).