Valona Denise Has to "Level Up Now"

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Feel like it's been a minute since I've heard some new heat from Trenton's own Valona Denise, and I'm loving this Beatmenace-produced "Level Up Now." Over the barely two-minute gem, V.D. doesn't hold anything back, clapping at anyone standing in her way and commenting on anything that's fucking up her day.

Sometimes, it just beez like that. Stream "Level Up Now" below, and turn this one up LOUD. Hopefully we've got some new material from Valona on the way.

Von Pea and The Other Guys Are Back With A New Project, 'The Fiasco'

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Back in 2014, Von Pea released To: You, an album that was produced front-to-back by The Other Guys. In a year that's seen projects drop from each, they've linked up together once again for a 10-track album, The Fiasco. From what I've heard, it's going to be a problem, especially if you're a fan of Von's pen.

Don't believe me? Check out these two tracks from the release. "Oh Yeah" features Von Tanya Morgan bredren Donwill on the mic, while Skyzoo and fellow Lessondary member Rob Cave drop bars on "Wires." The Fiasco drops November 24th. Pre-order today.

Skrewtape Blesses Us Effortlessly With "Simplexity"

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Been a minute since I've seen Skrewtape, it feels, and you could straight-up follow him on social media for his hilarity. His new video for the Expo-produced "Simplexity," though? It's a glowing example of one of Jersey's finest going for his over an ever-evolving instrumental. Shit gets as lit as I imagine he is. Check out the video up above.

Download 10 Songs Star Slinger Put Out For Free This Year

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Image via Facebook/Sara Rman

While the duties at my day job have gone from covering the electronic music scene to covering the world, I am still firmly checking out what's going on in the electronic music scene. One of the constants in my world has been Star Slinger, the UK house music maven that's been on quite a roll. We're talking 10 free tracks in 2017 (so far) kind of a roll.

He recently explained why he did this, and the reasoning isn't surprising. "I love to create & get things out there without the politics and waiting times I experience with record labels," he confesses. "Its just more fun & I can get feedback on my ideas quicker." If you feel like you've slept-on his output this year, he understands. "[T]here has been so many & I just put out into the world without making much noise on socials. I have been even toying with the idea of releasing music weekly!"

I figured it made sense to make a full playlist of the 10 tunes (well, nine and a dope mixtape) for those who might have missed them. You can download them all via his Bandcamp page (and, if you want to support, cop some merch). Perfect pre-game playlist, trust.

Stream DJ Manny's "Footwork Masterclass" 'Greenlight'

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Image via LIKES.THIS

I'm not sure if Fall is for footworkers, but it feels like most of the illest footwork comes out this time of the year; maybe it has something to do with footwork pioneer DJ Rashad's birthday being October 9th. Whatever the case may be, one of Rashad's proteges, DJ Manny, has unleashed what the Teklife crew is calling a "footwork masterclass" in the form of his latest project, Greenlight. I've had it on since it dropped on the 6th and have been enamored. It's the proper mixture of special Teklife bass thumps and UK jungle-leaning breakbeat editing, laced with hypnotic synths and call-and-response hooks.

In typical Teklife fashion, Manny doesn't shy from putting the squad on. Burgeoning bass beast DJ Taye (a duo who knocked out the memorable "Burnin Ya Boa") is featured on half of the album's 10 tracks, but you're also hearing from the likes of DJ Chap and DJ LUCKY, but don't get it twisted; cuts like "Like That" highlight Manny being comfortable enough on his own to churn out solo BANGERS.

You can stream the entire album below, but it's highly recommended that you cop Greenlight digitally or on vinyl. And note, you can get a vinyl album AND a Greenlight t-shirt if you cop from Cargo.

Tierra Whack's "MUMBO JUMBO" Is Far From Her Surname

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You have to love when dope music smacks you upside your head out of nowhere. I promise you I'd never heard of Philly's own Tierra Whack since earlier today, when everyone and their mother was sharing the video for her new single "MUMBO JUMBO," but I'm glad I clicked on it.

Homegirl can obviously spit, but her new single finds her flipping the script, sending up the "mumble rap" scene on its ear. The video, which is eerie as fuck, finds Tierra in a dentist's chair, getting work done on her teeth. I feel like she laughed at the thought of mumble rappers sounding like they were in the dentist's office trying to talk and took it to the next level. It's an intriguing clip that makes me love the song even more.

Check out the video below, and cop the single. You need it.

RIP Apex

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Earlier today, word swept the drum & bass world regarding the passing of Robert Dickeson, known to many as Apex. The Maidstone, England-born producer started out as 1/2 of Unknown Error, getting some major looks via Renegade Hardware and Moving Shadow, but ended up splitting from the duo in 2007 to much success for Hospital and Lifted Music, among other imprints.

As of late, Apex had been making house and techno, releasing material as Robert Oaks on Mau5trap.

Taso Picks Up Where He Left Off With 'Cold Heat Vol. 9'

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Image via Reza Iman
In 2016, TEKLIFE member Taso was looking to drop an EP a month in a series he called "Cold Heat." For some reason, he got to Vol. 8 and ended up falling off, but has picked it up a year and a month later with Vol. 9, which hit his Bandcamp page this week. He might not be there when you call, but judging by the sound of this one, he's always on time.

It's dope, because every time I feel like I'm lacking in new footwork, the universe hits me in the face with a bunch of new (and forthcoming) tracks. This EP featured collabs with DJ Earl, Sam Binga, and a posse cut called "Tired" featuring Taso alongside DJ Manny (who has a new album, Greenlight, due out in October), DJ Chap (who has a dope remix/bootleg release that you need to rock with), and DJ Boylan.

Dope four-tracker for a dope price. And if you like what you hear, check out Taso's new promo mix (and a video for "West is the Best") down below.

Black Collar Biz Released a Selection of Songs On the 'BLKMRKT'

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Image via Black Collar Biz
Back in July, Black Collar Biz hit us with his four-track Job of Ali EP. At the time, I'd mentioned that he'd been working on some new material, but I hadn't mentioned the tragedy he faced; over the summer, he lost something like four projects he had been cultivating. He's a workhouse, and if you know Collar, you know that he will be working on a project, come up with an entirely new idea, and immediately have concepts and demos sorted out for this new release.

All is not lost though (literally), as Collar took 10 of the demos he still had and turned them into BLKMRKT, which is part time capsule, part "Collar's still nastier than most of your muthafuckas." The release features some familiar faces, including Valona Denise on the French Summers-produced "Get Out Ya Feelings"—Collar fans should remember that French is the one who crafted "Blessings On Blessings." Elsewhere on the project we have Flo Frazier, Shaine Wilson, and even Collar's son, Reydio, featured.

You can stream the entire project, and download each cut for free via SoundCloud. Collar's also set up a PayPal.Me link, which he's accepting donations at.

Mousey McGlynn Released Her Third (And Final) Mixtape of Summer '17

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Back in July, Mousey said she'd drop three mixtapes this summer. Then she went ahead and did it. The thrid dropped on September 1st, and it's the shit.

Not only does it include that "Drank, Kush, Barz" flip she did that introduced me to her beautiful music in the first place, but it's got her Destiny's Child / DJ Vadim rework, and that Gucci bit that hit the internet days prior to this release. Ten gems in total; and if you're a producer, you can grab the acapellas as well.

I also realized that the second Mousey mixtape of 2017 dropped when I was on holiday, but you can still grab that (and its acapellas).