Big Makk Has Reportedly Died in a Car Accident

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Word is hitting the bass music scene that Big Makk, a producer straight out of Florida who's dropped material on Mad Decent, Main Course, and Slow Roast, has passed away. While there isn't concrete info out on this as of yet, Your EDM is reporting that he died in a car accident that left two other people dead.

While I didn't know MAKK, I'd ran into him and his work on these Internets, especially during the DoAndroidsDance days. Not only did we run with a Big Makk Mondays series, but he even dropped a dope mix for the DAD Mix series. He helped run Shake N Bass with the homegirl Ma-less, who I imagine is broken up about this, and based on the love I'm seeing on social media, Makk will be sorely missed.

Will update this with more info once I get it. RIP, Makk.

UPDATE This is reportedly the car crash that took Big Makk's life. Word is Makk (real name Samisoni Koroitamudu) was the passenger, and the driver was Alexander Rivera; the third occupant's name has not been released. It also looks like a GoFundMe was set up for Makk's funeral. Ookay also made a tune for Makk.

J Dilla's 'Back To The Crib' Mixtape is the Perfect Road Trip Soundtrack

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This is something truly special. To celebrate the 10th anniversary re-release of J Dilla's The Shining, BBE co-founder Peter Adarkwah shared a mixtape that J Dilla personally made him back in late 1999/early 2000. As he put it, "this tape was playing in the car. I recall Think Twice was on the tape and I suggested there and then that he do a cover with Erykah for the BBE album. We didn't get the Erykah feature, but people sure remember James' cover. We drove past a sign, it said Welcome To Detroit and I suggested that would be a good name for the album. When we pulled over James gave me the tape and said this is yours, or words to effect."

This is the tape; 46+ minutes of the kind of gems you'd expect from hanging with Dilla, including material from Cameo, Donald Byrd, Michael Jackson, and so many others. Perfect late summer soundtrack.

EPROM's Solid Steel Mix Might Murder Your Bassbins

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Just so we're clear, EPROM is one of my favorite producers doing it right now. There's something about the fuzzy, gut-wrenching bass he puts on his tunes that gets me every time. Dude's great as a solo artist, but also has a project with Alix Perez (SHADES) that has been doing it for me as well (keep it locked for their forthcoming EP on Alix's 1985 Music imprint).

For this new mix from EPROM, he not only drops a host of material from his recently-released Samurai EP, but he drops new SHADES material, some of his older remixes, and even a bunch of unreleased solo productions. This is one to bang out to, trust.

Scott Melker Brought the Soul House to Miami, Celebrates With a New Mix Series

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For NYC heads in the know, you're up on Soul House, aka the Thursday night institution that DJs Scott Melker and Cosmo Baker kicked off in 2003, bringing heads in the know the best in house, hip-hop, R&B, soul, funk, and much, much more. The event was so popular, it ended up becoming a top-10 party in the city.

Melker's now living in Miami, but that doesn't mean the Soul House party has to stop. Soul House is now going down every Thursday at the 1 Hotel South Beach Rooftop, but if you're not in Miami, don't fret. The first volume of the Soul House mix series is here, and features a number of your most favorite jams, including '90s classics from The Notorious B.I.G., TLC, Radiohead, A Tribe Called Quest, and others, as well as remixes and mash-ups from DJ Eleven, Sammy Bananas, Durkin, and Scott Melker himself.

Hit play on the stream down below and get transported back, and download the full mix from Brooklyn Radio.

Joell Ortiz, Nitty Scott, Bodega Bamz, and Salaam Remi Are No Panty

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You gotta love this. If you're a fan of bars, names like Joell Ortiz, Nitty Scott, and Bodega Bamz have to be in your playlist. If you love production, and have followed the sound for the last few decades, Salaam Remi should be in your playlist. Who knows why they all linked together, but thank Brown Jesus for Westside Highway Story, the first mixtape from this supergroup that goes by the name No Panty.

This project features all kinds of fun sample choices over hard-hitting drums. It's part quirky, part murky, and all fly. You can stream the full project below, and download it for free via Live Mixtapes.

The Music of 'Stranger Things' is Birthing Some Impressive Tributes

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Hopefully, you've been consumed by one of Netflix's most impressive series to date, Stranger Things. It's a love letter to the '80s, featuring a squad of middle schoolers living in Indiana who are infatuated with that #nerdlife and have to figure out how to combat some true terror. It's everything you loved about '80s music, fashion, and films like The Goonies wrapped up in one perfectly amazing eight-episode program.

One of the biggest hits from the series has been the music, which is drenched in '80s synths and inspiring a bunch of new school takes on the sound. We've thrown some of our favorites down below, but if you find others, please feel free to shoot us an email (subject line STRANGER THINGS) and we'll add to the collection.

rockthedub radio 033: Electronic AF

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This week, we do things a little differently. Instead of being two hours of wall-to-wall hip-hop, we take things into more of a electronic lane. Why? Well, I'm hoping people haven't slept on the RTDMIX series that started earlier this month. Also, I've been on a grime kick.

For the first half hour, I drop in a bunch of new material, featuring Kemba, ScHoolboy Q, and Desiigner, but then dipped into more of a grime ting with Trim, The Bug, and Flowdan, before rounding things out properly. I then slapped on the new mixes from Dev79 and Reid Speed, and I want more of you to get acquainted with our other podcast series. Sue me.

When you're done suing me, subscribe to rockthedub radio on iTunes.

Soundcrusha's 'Pyramid' is a Magical, Mystical Ride

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Cap City, the same crew that brought you A Mankind Complex's Destination, is back with a new EP from Soundcrusha!.While this crew is more well-known for their rapper-lead projects, this five-track opus from Soundcrusha! is all about the beats.

There's a mystical vibe to this; "Birth" sets things off like an intro track should. Not too overbearing, definitely airy, signalling things to come. Deeper house tones are the name of the game with "The Ankh," while "Fifth Element" takes things into a more magical arena with a slightly higher BPM. "Eden" / "Pineal Gland" slows things down, with more hypnotic, downtempo vibes, and the closer "Journey" is the kind of trap-like dream that closing credits are made for.

I personally don't know much of Soundcrusha!'s previous work, but this one right here? It's something to lounge to on a chill summer afternoon. Stream and download below.

Leon Rainbow and Will Kasso Talk the History of Jersey Fresh Jam

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This week, Trenton365 had Leon Rainbow and Will Kasso on the program to talk about the Jersey Fresh Jam, which will be back again for its 11th annual event on August 6 at TerraCycle in Trenton. They not only break down the history of the Jam, but the importance of Graffiti in both the art world and the culture of hip-hop. Trenton's been doing this, but it's always good to sit down and look back at the journey. I personally make it a point to hit the Jam for a bit every summer, and I think you should as well.

For more details on this year's event, hit up

Trackstar the DJ Pays Tribute to DJ Shadow With Impressive 'The Mountain Will Fall' Megamix

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After interviewing DJ Shadow for Complex, I hit up Trackstar the DJ, the STL-based selector who is also Run the Jewels' DJ. Why? Because Shadow was rocking one of Trackstar's SKRATCH FAN hats. We had a quick back and forth about it, and I realized that Track was a bigger Shadow fan than I knew. It looks like he's such a big fan that he sorted out a megamix in the vein of Q-Bert's "Camel Bobsled Race" mix from years back for Shadow's new album, The Mountain Will Fall.

As Track tells it, "A couple of weeks ago, while walking around in the woods and listening to his new album The Mountain Will Fall, I thought about the incredible DJ Q-Bert megamix Camel Bobsled Race, which was a mashup of Shadow tracks released alongside Pre-Emptive Strike in 1997, and decided to try my hand at making a similar megamix. I thought it came out pretty dope, so I nervously sent it to my idol. Amazingly he dug it."

That mix is embedded below. If you still haven't checked for the album, give this a twirl, then cop it immediately.

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