Leon Rainbow and Will Kasso Talk the History of Jersey Fresh Jam

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This week, Trenton365 had Leon Rainbow and Will Kasso on the program to talk about the Jersey Fresh Jam, which will be back again for its 11th annual event on August 6 at TerraCycle in Trenton. They not only break down the history of the Jam, but the importance of Graffiti in both the art world and the culture of hip-hop. Trenton's been doing this, but it's always good to sit down and look back at the journey. I personally make it a point to hit the Jam for a bit every summer, and I think you should as well.

For more details on this year's event, hit up jerseyfreshjam.com.

Trackstar the DJ Pays Tribute to DJ Shadow With Impressive 'The Mountain Will Fall' Megamix

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After interviewing DJ Shadow for Complex, I hit up Trackstar the DJ, the STL-based selector who is also Run the Jewels' DJ. Why? Because Shadow was rocking one of Trackstar's SKRATCH FAN hats. We had a quick back and forth about it, and I realized that Track was a bigger Shadow fan than I knew. It looks like he's such a big fan that he sorted out a megamix in the vein of Q-Bert's "Camel Bobsled Race" mix from years back for Shadow's new album, The Mountain Will Fall.

As Track tells it, "A couple of weeks ago, while walking around in the woods and listening to his new album The Mountain Will Fall, I thought about the incredible DJ Q-Bert megamix Camel Bobsled Race, which was a mashup of Shadow tracks released alongside Pre-Emptive Strike in 1997, and decided to try my hand at making a similar megamix. I thought it came out pretty dope, so I nervously sent it to my idol. Amazingly he dug it."

That mix is embedded below. If you still haven't checked for the album, give this a twirl, then cop it immediately.

[The Smoking Section]

RTDMIX002: Reid Speed

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I don't know if Reid Speed knows this or not, but it feels like most of my life as a fan of electronic music has involved seeing her name somewhere. She's been doing the damn thing for the last two decades, but I think I really started seeing her name out there around '98/'99, aka the time when I really started understanding what raves were. Being in New Jersey, it's nothing to know who's doing the damn thing in New York City, and Reid's definitely been a force both here and on the West Coast.

Drum & Bass heads definitely know what time it is with Reid; her dnb roots in the NYC scene go back, doing everything from working at the legendary Breakbeat Science and being a part of the Direct Drive crew to spinning at damn near any dnb event worth its weight in acetate. She's one of the first here in the States to really champion speed garage and 2-step, and over the years she's stayed on the cusp of the bass music scene, primarily through her Play Me and Play Me Too imprints, which dabble in everything from trap to dubstep.

When you're talking about women not getting theirs in the electronic music scene, I hear you, but then I think of women like Reid Speed. She's not waiting for a hand out or help from ANYONE; her mentality appears to be "I'll be over here doing my thing; catch up when you're ready."

For her RTDMIX, Reid told me she went more "vibey" and less obvious, going all over the place in BPMs. When you see the tracklist, it makes sense; she's dropping material from Joker and Skepta alongside cuts from Stareyes, UZ, Big Dope P, and RL Grime. You can turn up, you can vibe out; do what you want. Reid's going to be doing her, waiting for the world to catch up.

You can stream this mix below, and if you're so inclined, subscribe to the podcast.

D-Nice Talks the History of BDP, DJing, and More on Juan Epstein

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I don't know about you, but Boogie Down Productions will go down as one of my favorite groups of all time. I think I was into hip-hop at the right moment (hip-hop blowing up, especially with all of the rap video shows on TV), and KRS-One and company spoke to me. I was a fan of DJs, and something about D-Nice appealed to me as well.

If you're a fan of the man who went from the younger guy who put in work with BDP and struck out on his own as an artist to seeing him at corporate events with either a camera in his hand or working the wheels of steel, this podcast is what you need. They go IN on the history, covering D's time working with Kid Rock and the story of Scott La Rock being killed to producing a number of early BDP cuts (along with the classic posse cut "Self Destruction") and where his career is going today. Hit play ASAP.

Swindle's Back With Some More of His Mood Music

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About a year ago, I spoke with Swindle before the release of his Peace, Love& Music album. It was dope to hear him talk about a project that's theme is based on the different places he traveled to as a musician and DJ. If you thought that was out of his system, think again.

On August 12 he kicks off his Trilogy in Funk project, a three-part series of EPs that finds he collecting tunes based on one particular theme or sound, on Butterz. His first, Connecta, was made in Brazil, and the title track is down below. You'll get the idea. He worked on a second EP, Purple Walls, in Los Angeles, and it's said to be a P Funk project (during our project, he mentioned digging Thundercat and being asked why he doesn't work with Dam-Funk, so maybe they will  be featured on this project). The third piece of this puzzle is Funk & Grime, an EP with London-based MCs. You should already KNOW what time it is.

Judging by the product he's released over the last few years, this sounds like the different pieces of his musical personality being able to flourish on their own. Check out "Connecta" below, and be on the look out for its released; DJ Q did a remix of the title track! And it looks like Swindle will be touring the States in September, so be on the look out for that as well.

Kemba Bears His Black Soul on His New Opus, 'Negus'

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"Please don't call me conscious, don't call it political/please don't deem this lyrical, these are Negro spirituals"

With that, welcome to Kemba's Negus. Over an intoxicating array of Frank Drake beats, Kemba cuts open his chest, pulls out his heart, and squeezes his essence onto the pad. He didn't say much in the note he sent over with the project (which he'd been working on for three years), although he did mention that he's "excited and nervous to share it, especially in the times we're in today."

If you're looking for your hip-hop to help you understand where you are as a black person in America in 2016, this 12-track opus should be your guide. Or at the very least, your starting point. Stream this one below, and grab it for free over on Bandcamp, or on iTunes.

Dub Phizix Gave Away 12 Exclusives From His 'Fabriclive 84' Mix

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Last November, the Fabriclive mix series welcomed one of my favorite drum & bass producers, Dub Phizix, to their fold. Dude's just got a darker, murkier, dancehall-ier vibe that he brings to the proceedings that always does me in.

The mix included a serious batch of unreleased tunes, and in an effort to create a mailing list, Dub sorted out a batch of 12 exclusives that you can grab for free of charge. Here's his note about the release, which you can stream below.

Mr. Carmack Gave Away His Massive 'Yellow' EP

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I saw some EDM blogs that shall remain nameless going insane over Mr. Carmack giving away something like 50 tracks. Seeing as I love keeping up with odd shit going down in the world of electronic music, my ears perked up, but I quickly chilled out when I realized that Carmack had just uploaded his massive Yellow EP, which had been floating around Al Gore's Internets since April of this year.

The EP is actually something Carmack released on USB at a pop-up shop in Los Angeles to coincide with a new line of merch, and the heads on Reddit had a field day reconstructing what was actually on the release. There's a LOT on here, including remixes of artists like Ol Dirty Bastard, Beyonce, Drake, Aaliyah, and many, many more. If you dug Craze's "BEATS" mix, you'll love this.

This week, Carmack's site acknowledged the release, giving heads a full playlist with all of the tracks being uploaded to Carmack's SoundCloud account. No word on how long they'll be up, so grab this ASAP.

DJ Earl to Drop His Long-Awaited Album, 'Open Your Eyes,' Via TEKLIFE

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Photo Credit: TEKLIFE / Shepard Fairey

Today, I woke up to info I'd been waiting for for the longest. DJ Earl, one of the younger and more prolific TEKLIFE affiliates, is finally dropping his album Open Your Eyes as the second release on the TEKLIFE imprint on August 19th.

While there is no audio for these as of yet, as you can see the TEKLIFE crew is locked in, with Manny, Taye, and Taso making appearances alongside MoonDoctor, Suzi Analogue, and Oneohtrix Point Never, who is all over the albums (like he mentioned back in March).

TEKLIFE has all of the info, including pre-order links. Full tracklist for the eight-track project down below, and the Shepard Fairey-created cover is up above.

The Perfect Mixtape For When You Need to Say "Fuck The Police"

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Photo Credit: Lambo

I won't front; I was really about to make another mix featuring some true "fuck the police" tracks, but realize that I've already kind of done that...twice. Shouts to the Passion of the Weiss crew, who put together this Fuck The Police Tape, which is tracks featuring nothing but middle fingers at the law.

Why? Because fuck 'em, that's why.