Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Juga-Naut - "Apple Juice"

Been a minute since I've heard new material from this UK MC. Juga-Naut's Stolen Art EP is available now (you can stream and download it below), and he found some of my favorite samples/grooves and kicked bars on them. If you love throwback, funky vibes like I do, this should be right up your alley.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Traxman - "Da Rebel"

One of my favorite footwork producers flips one of my favorite Public Enemy cuts... for free. Traxman is a monster, and put out a dope three-track EP as the fifth volume of the TEK x TAR series, which is available for free. Something about the way he manipulated various bits from the P.E. banger into a serious footwork beast.

Drake - "Legend (Cheeky Charmander Remix)"

My favorite track from Drake's latest gets a fire club rework from one of my favorite Pokemon-inspired producers, Cheeky Charmander. This is taken from a two-track remix EP of cuts from that Drake project. I've not been impressed by much of the refixes—too many people doing "Energy" remixes for some reason—but I get behind this shit.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Ta-ku x Jaden Smith - BEAST MODE

That dude Ta-ku is a problem, and this three-track thing of jawns he did with Jaden Smith is all I neeed right now. That first cut? Amaze.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Pigeons & Planes Presents "Teenage Angst Has Paid Off Well," an Album Full of Nirvana Covers

Kurt Cobain would've been 46-years-old today. I remember being fucked the fuck up when he passed. Weird time to be in middle school. In any case, Pigeons & Planes put together this sick, 17-track compilation of Nirvana covers. Featured acts include JMSN, Kevin Garrett, ZelooperZ, Kwamie Liv, and plenty more acts you either fucks with or should start fucking with. And it's free.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rich Quick - "No1"

One of my favorite samples gets flipped by STANKFOOT on the latest from Rich Quick, which I see got a dope premiere on Earmilk. I was feeling some type of way this afternoon, and this bit kind of connects with what I had going on in my mental. Stay striving, because there's truly no one but us. If you need the clean version, grab the full package here.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

DJ Craze Ran Through 20 Years of Ram Records in Sixty Minutes

Recently, DJ Craze revisited his love for drum & bass with a massive sixty-minute, 56-track mix of strictly Ram Records material. If you've followed Craze's career, you'd know that post-turntablism days, he was heavy in the dnb scene before dipping out because of the fuckery. Word is this set made him revisit some of those feels, and who knows, maybe we'll get more on the dnb tip? For fans of the historic Ram imprint, mixes like these are crucial.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Djemba Djemba Let 13 "Leftover Beats" Loose

While not quite getting the accolades of Drake's latest random mixtape/album drop, Djemba Djemba did throw up thirteen "Leftover Beats" on his SoundCloud page. Some might be calling this "basically an album," but I'd slow down from that talk. This feels more like what it says on the tin: a collection of leftovers that Djemba Two Times felt like unleashing. It's also some meta chill shit to vibe to on a chilly President's Day, whether you're at home or out in the world getting that bread. Some dope collabs with Penthouse Penthouse, CZ, and Mr. Carmack... now if we only had that yung download (or purchase) link.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

P. Morris and Sweater Beats Gave Away a Free EP for Valentine's Day

P. Morris and Sweater Beats are two producers I've been fucking with over the last year or so. Dope to see them link up for a two-track free EP for Valentine's Day. Snuggle with your bae to this.

Hudson Mohawke - Slow Jams VIII

HudMo always gets it right.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Bricc Baby Shitro - "6 Drugs"

One of those cuts that's too hypnotic for me to dismiss. Plus it's produced by Sam Tiba. Amaze.

Black Collar Biz - "Blacker The Berry (Freestyle)"

Kendrick Lamar merked the world with "The Blacker The Berry" earlier this week, and now the homey Black Collar Biz comes with a proper loop and a satchel full of HEAT for it. Been a minute since I've heard him attack a beat with menace like this. So cold out there, you needed something as fiery like this.