Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday, June 15th 2007 playlist

Busy weeks turn into busy weekends... when will this train slow down? Got a few job prospects at one company(!??!?!) going on, so we'll see what goes down for the kid. Some nice tunes out this week... nig been doing his homework - CHUUUCH!

01/Vaccine "Signal To Noise" [dutty, gritty dubstep funk. more on Christine Vaccine HERE.]
02/Theory "Burn Dem" [chilled ragga freshness]
03/Hobzee & Zyon Base "Blue Lotus" [bridging the gap between old school skills and new school ills]
04/Styles P ft. Kool G Rap "Come One, Come All" [Fizzy Wo on that DJ Premier-lite shit. Sick though.]
05/Spirit "Tone Track" [this man can do no wrong as of late]
06/Naphta "Soundclash II" [one of the illest new school jungle tunes out there]
07/Roy Ayers Ubiquity "We Live In Brooklyn Baby" [classic. do your homework.]
08/Contour "Masquerade" [tugs at the heart strings. XO sure knows how to pick 'em!]
09/DQ1 "Gud Money" [slow crawl... really heavy. audio HERE.]
10/Illfingas "Another Sound (Remix)" [dude is just sick. and is about to put out a new version of the "Whitney Dub"?!?!? GIVE US US WHITNEY!]


The waterpipe stays loose:

Voreheez ft. B.O.B. "All Night Everyday"
Soulbrotha ft. RUCKUS "Circus"
Havoc (of Mobb Deep) "I'm The Boss"
Benzino "Back On My Grizzy"
Chemical Brothers ft. Fatlip "Salmon Dance"
The Alliance ft. Lil' Boosie, Foxx, Webbie, Gucci Mane & Juvenile "Tatoo (Remix)"
Rihanna ft. Jay-Z & Chris Brown "Umbrella (Remix)" (here is the Travis Barker RMX of the original... meh.)
Saigon ft. Tre Williams "What A Life"
Rick Ross "Shot To The Heart"
A few new Mic Geronimo cuts: "What Makes You Think" and "I'm Up Now"
Dabrye ft. J Dilla & Phat Kat "Game Over (Flying Lotus Remix)"
A few new Big Shug tracks: "Play It" (prod. by DJ Premier) and "Legbreakers", ft. Big Twin & Sean Price (prod. by MoSS)
Tragedy Khadafi "Dejavu"
Paradigm X "We Both Are Lost"
A couple of Benja Styles remixes: Lil' Mama "Lip Gloss (Benja Styles Reggae Remix)" and T-Pain ft. Akon "Bartender (Benja Styles Remix)"
T.I. ft. Wyclef Jean "You Know What It Is"
DJ Benzi presents The Cool Kids & Lil' Wayne "Gettin' It"
Freeway ft. Jay-Z "Big Spender" (prod. by Dame Grease)
Camp Lo "Black Hollywood"
SunN.Y ft. Biz Markie "Girls"
Evol Intent ft. Meatwad "Damn! That's A Big Hot Dog" (read this blog post for details on this monumentous collabo)
Sean Kingston ft. Sheek Louch "Beautiful Girls (Remix)"
Joe Hound "She Likes It"
Akon "Sorry, Blame It On Me"
a few new tracks from Lil' Wyte's forthcoming LP: "Talkin' Ain't Walkin'" and "I Got That Candy"
Accident & Emergency "Buckaroo"
Monsta "Break"
Swizz Beatz "Top Down"
LL Cool J ft. Kool G Rap, Mobb Deep, 50 Cent & Tony Yayo Queens"


There's a few mixes and mix-tapes floating about as well:

Ivan, who has been filling in for a vacationing Rizoh, has been doing his thing this week over @ TRU. They have a slick "TRU Summer Soundtrack 2007" up (see this pic for the tracklisting), featuring a load of Hip-Hop tasties for these warm months. Peep the mirrors for dload: zShare : sendspace : Megaupload.


For you Justice fans, they have a BBC Radio 1 "Essential Mix" about. I got the scoop from Mike KIR and his fantabulous blog. Peep it for tracklisting, links (via Discobelle) and all other kinds of funky shit.


Speaking of Discobelle, they posted a special mix that DJ Ayers and Tittsworth did exclusive for their blog.


Did you need some DNB? Over at the DPD, today's "For Your Listening Pleasure" features a Santa sack full of top notch mixes from DJs like Jem One, FRISKe, Paul Reset, Subsonik, Accident & Emergency, Danny Intrikut vs. Just Jeryl and the one like Fanu. Something for everyone in that one, go gobble up the goodies.


For those of the dubstep persuasion, Forensics has mixed his final "months" mix, this one being for July 2007. 40 minutes of dubby heaven:

1 Code Tripper – Deserted Cities
2 Code Tripper – Holdback
3 Code Tripper – ydE
4 Ekaros – Thru your dreams
5 Ekaros – Eden
6 Ekaros – Above the mountains
7 Nine Inch Nails – The hand that feeds (Dreadless remix)
8 The Sub Division - Apocalypto
9 The Sub Division – Just Can't Fight
10 Forensics – Vanishing Point (remaster)
11 Two Oh One – Ghost Train (Wet Wednesday mix)
12 Rogue State – Bounce Step
13 Rogue State – Sawing Eagle
14 Rogue State – Back then
15 The Bug ft. Flowdan – Jah War
outro: Cutty Ranks, from Hand Grenade



I even have a few bits of misc. shit, like an interview with El-P, for no good reason. Or Stretch Armstrong reminiscing on Redman and Biz Markie freestyling WAY BACK. Or news bits (whattup, Idolator?) about a record label that is trying to release music for FREE, and use the power of ad revenue as its driving force. Just Blaze also wanted to let us know why Saigon's LP is delayed... oh and RIP Stack Bundles.


For this week's final thought, I want to take it back a smidge, and throw out some of my favorite Prince videos, due to dude hooking back up with Wendy & Lisa for his forthcoming Columbia Records album... or I was going to, but the po' man's video store, YouTube, is hatin' on a playa... regroup...

Been in a Bill Laswell mood, peep this video from one of his many groups, PRAXIS. This video is entitled "Animal Behavior".

You Like It Like That.

Boymerang "Soul Beat Runna"

Until next time, space travelers, keep it locked.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

RIP Mr. Wizard

The other day I heard some deep news: Don "Mr. Wizard" Herbert passed away. I grew up on Mr. Wizard's World. That show taught me that if I blew up a balloon and put a piece of tape on it, I could stick pins in the piece of tape without popping the balloon (the tape held the rubber balloon together so it wouldn't rip, or something like that). Dude's show was just too much for a wild dork like me. Although I never really performed a lot of the experiments he did, I watched his show and loved it!

I can't find clips of his work, though! Peep his official website, though, and you can order DVDs of his shows.

Damn, Mr. fucking Wizard. Fuck Bill Nye, and that punk Beakman! RIP, dun.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Shop Boyz Rockstar Mentality [review]

In listening to this disc and trying to figure out how to start this review off right, I got to thinking about ATL rappers and the need to distinguish yourself from the rest of the Rap scene in this climate. "Ringtone Rap" is one thing, but it seems as if every new rappers to come up with some "new sound" (e.g. Crunk, Snap Music, et. al.) to set themselves apart, to varying success. The thing about it is, for the most part, what Lil' Jon and the 'snappers' did was fresh, something that not too many heads outside of that area new of. The Shop Boyz, who's debut LP, Rockstar Mentality, drops on the 19th of June, has something called "hood rock", which is what they call the sound you hear on "Party Like A Rockstar": Rap with guitars. Well, it's more like Crunk Rock - oh wait, didn't Lil Jon already establish this? As did Mos Def? In any case, this "hood rock" sound is more poseur and put-on than legit creativity, anyways, and Rockstar Mentality is a lump of coal that is desperately being squeezed to become a diamond - only to be crushed by too much pressure.

Take their initial hit, "Party Like A Rockstar" (who woulda thunk it - a video that is better than the song its promoting!): the fact that you are driving a fast car, wearing "skulls" and chains and bopping over a repetitive guitar does NOT make you party like anything other than a moron. Most rockstars just give off the aura of glamor, the essense of mystique, and the feeling that you are with someone big. SB comes off sounding like a bunch of followers who happened upon a record deal. And why would a Black man be on a boat getting a tan with Marilyn Manson? The other thing that comes across initially in this track, and is more evident than ever, is that while there are 3 guys in the crew, I couldn't tell which one is which. I know their names b/c it is spelled out in the liner notes (big up THINKTANK for the promo btw), but they all share the same "voice", nothing real distinctive between the 3 of them, which is a crying shame. They follow this up with a "rep your hood" by numbers track, "Bowen Homes". This is apparently where they grew up in the dirty, but you could substitute the street and project names and rep your own hood! Their favorite track, "Rollin'", sounds like they were trying to be in the Chevrolet campaign that popped up around the Super Bowl, with their un-subtle Chevy drop and the ridiculous Kentuck fried country backdrop, it just comes off as forced and foul.

In terms of "hood rock", its a mixed bag: you either get heavier rock sounds like "Party Like A Rockstar", or the driving sound on "Flexin'"; you then get ska-esque skanks like the "Baby Girl" or the lone guitar riff in "Totally Dude". The thing that kills me about this is, we have seen Rock and Rap link up countless times. "Showin' Me Love" is probably the most decent mix of the rock and rap - it has the dope rock guitar on the chorus, but still maintains a nice thump and bounce that truly makes it "hood". Just don't expect them to handle these beats with anything you haven't heard before. Not only do the 3 of them sound like any 3 rappers from the South, but they can't even write a dope chorus, EVEN OVER A BEAT BY DAVID BANNER! I guess when you are trying to capitalize and drive in Lil' Jon's lane, you are given a certain leeway when it comes to, oh I don't know, making sense. In one song they are trying to make this female their "baby girl", but in another they are down for the chicks who go down when the see the ice "like the Titanic". They speak on it not being all good in the hood, but try to then sound country as fuck (not ignant sounding, like Willie Nelson steeze). Essentially, they want to make their own lane - and use your lane to get there.

At the end of the day, coasters like this make it hard to take Rap seriously these days. Monotonous hooks, mundane lyrics, snoozecore on the beats... and the record labels are trying to figure out why people won't buy music? It's BECAUSE OF THE MUSIC THAT'S OUT THERE! Stop producing CDs by heads who want to do $1Million in ringtone sales, and end up producing a CD that doesn't even break the 48 minute mark. How the FUCK is your CD not even an hour long? You could have just put out an EP and picked the 6 best tracks - but in this 13-song litter, there's nothing that ain't shitty. TOTALLY DUUUUUUUUUUDE!

rock the dub gives this disc a 2 out of 10. A lack of quality raps + a boatload of boring beats = a new coaster for my Super Big Gulp.

For more info on the Shop Boyz, check out these sites:
Shop Boyz Online
Shop Boyz on MySpace
Rockstar Mentality drops on June 19th. Check out for more info on this disc.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

WWE trying to be The Sopranos?

(NOTE: this thread was to have a YouTube vid to go with it, but the WWE shut YouTube down for no good reason, but MySpace got the hookup.)

World Wrestling Entertainment

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Watching this, am I to NOT think that Vince/the WWE was trying to give fans what they wanted, what they expected to happen to Tony Soprano during the finale of The Sopranos? is covering this thing like it's the real thing. From what I've read online, it looks like the consensus is that the WWE is set to go through a major change, and "destroying" the "Mr. McMahon" character is the biggest hurdle to jump. This is a good set-up, but there's no way dude is dead. Don't fans realize that if he truly died, it'd be all over the news?

In any case, check out one of my other blogs, black rasslin', to see how this will affect the niggas of the WWE. Holla.

RIP Stack Bundles

Hip-Hop has lost another one. Not the best, far from the worst, but the boy did his thing.

Here's some video for those of you who didn't know what Stack could do on the mic:

Stack Bundles Vs. Nah Jordan:

"Streets of Far Rock"

"Temper, Temper"

Here's a few jewels I found on the 'Net, MP3 style (note - I am unsure how long these files/mixtapes will be up, so grab sooner rather than later!):

Stack Bundles "Fully Loaded Clip"
Jim Jones ft. Stack Bundles "Your Majesty"
Ransom ft. Stack Bundles & Fabolous "What Ya Hood Look Like"
Stack Bundles "Cake Freestyle"
Stack Bundles "All Eye On Me Freestyle"
Fresh Off The Block mixtape

You guys have any more favorites? Get at the kid...

Monday, June 11, 2007

"Rockit" LIVE!

Loving that pre-turntablism intro. Classic. Excuse me, I've been a lil too into Bill Laswell as of late. Grab Panthalassa and get back to me.

Dallas & Rafi are Internets Celebrities

I told you guys about the Ghetto Big Mac first. They then had the internet goin' nuts with BODEGA, which ended up getting some serious critical acclaim, sending them to Sundance, and thus birthing the INTERNET CELEBRITIES.

They have been getting burn all over, with strength from, and are now set to slice an even bigger chunk of the Internet Celebrity Pie, or cake, or whatever the fuck innanet celebs eat. In any case, if you are in the Tri-State area, you should think about hitting up NYC on the 15th of June: Rooftop's New York Non-Fiction is going to be screening BODEGA on the big screen, with many other top-notch flicks (more info HERE). How ill is that?

So, we (me?) at rock the dub would like to shout out Dallas and Rafi: you have ventured where no other Hip-Hop bloggers have gone, I think. Keep doing what you're doing!

The next round of quarter water's on me.

The Sopranos, Season 6B "Made In America" [recap]

While picking the picture to throw at the top of this recap, I realized this is my last recap, ever, of The Sopranos. Kind of deep when you think of it. I mean, while I KNEW that the show would end the way it did (although I, like many others, was half-way confused when the screen CUT to black and lulled before going to the credits), it hadn't truly hit me. I wanted to laugh, cry, fuck, freeze, scream... I was a ball of emotions in an instant.

And then I realized, David Chase (who wrote & directed this episode, something he hasn't done in a bit) won. Good for him, too. For as much as The Sopranos changed, the more it stayed the same. And for the legions of viewers upset with there being no "true" conclusion ('did they get whacked in the diner?' and other theories), listen up: Chase & company have been doing this since day dot. Let me ask you: whatever happened to the Russian in the "Pine Barrens"? That's just one question... I was waiting to see if the smell in the house Carm and the kids stayed in was Adrianna's dead body decaying.

This episode, however, played up all of the suspense and underlying drama that has been constant for six seasons. The cat staring down Chrissy's pic (and pissing Paulie off to boot); Paulie's most on-point insight about all of the heads of Ralphie's old crew dying off; Carmela's spec-house flipping used as a mask for what she won't face; AJ's descent into depression, and subsequent return to the spoiled little rich kid (you like how quick he flipped from G.I. Joe to Hollywood Ho); Meadow still being the smartest one of the bunch, with her dead-on commentary during the sake-bombs that seemed to almost make T cry; Uncle Junior, stuck in his rut (I mean damn, dude didn't remember running that crew!?); Janice still being the money-hungry bitch she always was; Phil still being heartless and cold in the face of opposition... the only change was Lil' Carmine finally growing a pair and speaking out to NY in favor of Tony. Good show.

Funniest part of the show? That would have to be proud granddad Phil Leotardo getting popped then the still-in-drive-SUV crunching that skull. Totally saw it coming, but it was handled so well, with the reactions of the gas station patrons accenting the way I was feeling. Good riddance to that heartless prick.

Saddest part of the show? There's two: Tony seeing Sil, who he came up with as a lil' roughneck, in the hospital, seemingly living the rest of his life not really living, and towards the end when T's eyes watered for Corrado. I felt the same way, b/c unlike the situation with Livia, where the perception was that she was faking her illness, there was no glimmer in Corrado's eyes. He was more concerned with the birds than whomever came to see him - although the scene with Janice where he saw Nica's pic and went on about the stove with the wet rag was priceless.

Now, the guy in the diner, the one with the Members Only jacket on who went into the bathroom, was that a nod to Eugene, who murked himself at the beginning of season six?

How choice was it for AJ to harp about foreign relations, and when his SUV burns up due to his error, his main retort is "we need to stop depending on foreign oil"? LOL... come to think of it, its telling how much real life mirrors this show, with the countless references to the Middle East and terrorism in this episode, as well as the entire season. And Agent Harris' "we're gonna win this thing!" exclamation had me ROLLING!

I could keep going on, but I won't I mean, I will just leave it at this:

As much as I love how Chase ended it, leaving things upto the viewer's imagination, and I would love to see a new series featuring some or all of the cast, or even a MOVIE (which was hinted at during the cast's viewing of the finale), I think they should just leave it the way it is. The show doesn't need to come back with the #45 on, for they ended on a great note. Do you think Adrianna's spirit is in the cat? HEY, go with it. Do you think the immediate Soprano family got knocked off in Holston's? HEY, run dat. Just let us keep it moving... in our own minds. My ending has Tony going on... Carlo (who I thought flipped to NY, but really flipped to the feds!) and his snitching gets Tony indicted, but T beats that one... but the cycle still goes on. Some day he might end up like Uncle Junior, he might end up like Johnny Sack. Hell, he might just grow old and die peacefully. Who knows!? I am just glad that I can ponder these questions, and the show didn't end on some definitive point. Life isn't like that... and neither is The Sopranos.

More Sopranos-related reading:
*EW gets the "no more fucking ziti!?" award with this one
*peep's synopsis of the final episode
*dude at seems to have hated this one
*do you really care about how a load of reviewers feel? they all end up sounding the same.
*Jeff Edlestein, a local columnist in Trenton, is on the right track - peep his catalytic converter spin
*some still question if that was really it...

So, unless there IS some kind of new Sopranos show or movie, this is khal, signing off for the rock the dub Sopranos recaps. For good.