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On That Leak: Saigon "C'mon Baby"

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Taken from Just Blaze's blog.

Saigon ft. Swizz Beatz "C'mon Baby" (clean : dirty)

My initial listen went like this: hit PLAY. Exclaim "OH SHIT THAT BEAT IS DOPE!!!". Proceed to turn volume up. Realize I dunno WTF Saigon is saying with all of that ill "c'monbabyc'monbabyc'monbaby" in the instrumental, but also don't really care.

You will notice that Justin didn't provide an instrumental. The beat is something to be freaked, and upon further (read: all weekend) listening, Saigon did his thing (although I'd love to hear cats like Lil' Wayne rip this up. I could see someone really working that "c'mon baby" into their verses...), and like my man Enigmatik says, with a proper push behind this monster, we (read: true schoolers) could run this city.

Maybe Sai Giddy was listening to what I said previously? Hey, a nigga can dream, no?

DOA Q&A: D.Kay

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Forgot to mention that my interview with one of DNB's nicest producers, D.Kay, is up on DOA NOW! Go read up on it, then go listen to/buy his Individual Soul album. It's the jam!

DJ Tipz Thugstep Mixtape

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I want to first shout the one like DJ Tipz (UK) for rocking an all-THUGSTEP mixtape, without prompting by me. This mixtape has already gotten shine on Ipswich Community Radio a few weeks back (watch out for Tipz on ICRFM when they go LIVE on your UK FM Dials!), and its a bonafide party starter! Tipz is nice with his cuttin' and scratchin', and he knows how to transition well. Plus, he's a big THUGSTEP supporter, which is always welcome around these here parts.

"Thugstep Mixtape" (zShare stream/download link)

Here's the tracklisting:

01/Lil' Jon ft. Three Six Mafia "Act A Fool (DJ Nappy Vs. Coki THUGSTEP Mix)"
02/Young Dro "Shoulder Lean (DJ Nappy Vs. Deadly Habit THUGSTEP Mix)"
03/Big Cas "Check My Feet (DJ Nappy Vs. Hijack EXTENDED THUGSTEP Mix)"
04/Birdman & Lil' Wayne "Stuntin' Like My Daddy (DJ Nappy Vs. Luke Envoy THUGSTEP Mix)"
05/Big Kuntry King ft. T.I. "Throwback (DJ Nappy Vs. Hijack EXTENDED THUGSTEP Mix)"
06/Unk "2 Step (DJ Nappy Vs. genetic.krew EXTENDED THUGSTEP Mix)"
07/Allstar Cashville's Prince ft. Yo Gotti "Tear It Up (DJ Nappy Vs. El Rakkas EXTENDED THUGSTEP Mix)"
08/Richboy ft. Polow Da Don "Throw Some D's (DJ Nappy Vs. Benga EXTENDED THUGSTEP Mix)"
09/Lil' Wayne "Go DJ (DJ Nappy Vs. Benga THUGSTEP Mix)"
10/D12 "40oz. (DJ Nappy Vs. Lukr'N'Gully THUGSTEP Mix)"
11/Young Joc "Goin' Down (DJ Nappy Vs. Juju THUGSTEP Mix)"
12/B Dub "Do Whatcha Do (DJ Nappy Vs. Boxcutter EXTENDED THUGSTEP Mix)"

One thing about Tipz, he gets it. Most dubstep producers/fanboys take things too serious. Or they dislike "crunk" rap. Or whatever you want to call it. They call them crude bootlegs, or just plain shit. The thing is, the basis and origins of mixed music is to, yes, get a party poppin'. When these DJ tools are used properly (listen to the mix!), they can set a fuckin' dancehall on FIRE! See for yourself. Almost 40 minutes of THUGSTEP trickery, mixed by DJ Tipz. All tracks (aside from the intro and the "Throw Some D's" instrumental in there) were refixed by DJ Nappy.

Keep it locked to Tipz's MySpace page for more turntable tomfoolery from him, and keep it locked here for all things THUGSTEP!

UPDATE: Do you not prefer downloading from FileFront? Hit this sharebee link for other download links: zShare, megaupload, sendspace AND rapidshare. BOH!

Friday the 13th playlist (June 2007)

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01/Hobzee & Zyon Base "Red Letter" [audio @ Zyon Base's virb page. You should also check out Hobzee's "Don't Go" at his virb page. Big tune!]
02/Mutt "Nice As Me"
03/NWA "Dopeman (Remix)"
04/El-P "EMG (Bass Clef Remix)"
05/Lil' Jon & Ying Yang Twins "Get Low (Nappy's Dilla blend)"

What a beautiful top 5...

Mela Machinko ft. Pharoahe Monch "Name In Lights" (prod. by Con?one)
New Termanology cuts: "That Thump" ft. Ea$y Money (prod. by Buckwild) and "Revenge" ft. Ghetto (prod. by MoSS)
Erick Sermon ft. Vic Damone "Give It 2 'Em"
Soulja Boy "Crank Dat Souljaboy AKA Superman Dat Hoe"
Ice Water: "Hip-Hop Tribute"
Chamillionaire "Can't Tell Me Nothing"
Smiley The Ghetto Child "Busted", and Twin Gambino "Hood's Diary", both produced by Chaze, and both taken from the Grim Team Presents: Once Upon A Time In America - The Prequel CD (spotted at Spine Magazine)
Eve ft. Sean Paul "Give It To You"
Prodigy ft. Kool G Rap & Nature "I Thought I Told You" (prod. by Scram Jones)
Dr. Cornel West (wtf??) ft. Talib Kweli "Bushonomics"
Crooked I "Hip-Hop Weekly #15 (Can’t Tell Me Nothin freestyle)"
Snoop Dogg "It's The D.O.G."


Peep the mixes over at DPD. This week's FYLP features Atlantic Connection, Gremlinz and DJ Friction touching down.


Speaking of Atlantic Connection, he dropped a Hip-Hop mix as well. Peep the tracklisting:

1. 9th Wonder - Warrior Song (Nas Inst.)
2. 9th Wonder - Make Your Move (Heiroglyphics Inst.)
3. 9th Wonder - Instrumental
4. Median - How Big is Your World
5. Murs & 9th Wonder - Dark Skin White Girl
6. 9th Wonder - Instrumental
7. Common - The Light
8. Jascat - My Love
9. Spectac - When I Rock
10.Slum Village - Fall In Love (Jay Dee Remix)
11.Total Science feat. Phonte - Wasting Time

Kind of 9th Wonder crazy, but nothing wrong with that really.


DJ Tipz has crafted a sick THUGSTEP Mixtape. Check this post for more info. Shouts to Tipz for spreading the sound!


Stretch Armstrong continues to take you back to the old WKCR days. This segment features Black Moon and Smif-N-Wessun from 1993. Say word.


How about the great folks at Discobelle have blessed me with a link on their blog! They threw me at the end of their "We Got Mail" post, saying they were glad I sent them a link to Bitch-Made In America! SAY WORD!!


Peep out my contribution to the Subvert Central Podcast (SC Podcast 28). All El-P/Company Flow ish. Tracklist/info in this post.


For all of you Stevie B/Sa-Fire fans, peep this blog, Freestyle Beats. All MP3 rips of classic, out of print Freestyle vinyl. Loads of 12" mixes!


That's about it this week. I will leave you with this:

Gravediggaz "Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide"

I hope your Friday the 13th is calm. Go watch some Jason Voorhees and stay inside.

Subvert Central Podcast 28 (by khal)

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The 28th edition of the Subvert Central podcast has recently gone up. The SC camp was primarily a spot for subverts of a DNB persuasion, but their podcasts range from jungle/DNB to punk, funk, jazz and all points in between (burn this link into your RSS feeder). I did a mix for them, this one showcasing my love for older El-P/Company Flow cuts. I originally entitled it "Burnt At Both Ends", but SC Podcast 28 is fine.

Check the tracklisting:

01. Intro
02. Indellible MCs "Weight"
03. Company Flow "Linda Tripp"
04. Company Flow "Suzy Pulled a Pistol on Henry"
05. Jello Biafra interlude
06. Latyrx ft. El-P "Looking Over A City"
07. El-P "The Nang, The Front, The Bush and The Shit"
08. Indellible MCs "Fire In Which You Burn (With Intro)"
09. Jello Biafra vs. Company Flow "Shadows Drown The Media"
10. Cannibal Ox "Raspberry Fields"
11. Prefuse 73 ft. Ghostface Killah & El-P "Hideyaface (El-P Mix)"
12. Company Flow "One Night In Austin"
13. Company Flow ft. Ill Bill "Simian D AKA Feeling Ignorant"

You know you want it. Download HERE.

The Observation Deck (13th July 2007)

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Some points of interest while I await my wreckoning on this Friday the 13th:

Sick, sad world, no?

Dumped for calling customer service?

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Peep this letter (spotted at Gadgetell). How the fuck are you going to cancel people for being considered "high maintenance"? You basically said "you're too dumb to use our service". Why not take a look at your service, see if you can fix a few confusing things, and then go on from there.

The thing is, now they are saying they did this b/c people were scamming, which is a legitimate beef, I guess (even though I don't know who would be that determined to call them EVERY DAY demanding a credit). The thing is, what if you have a problem with your service, say a name change or something, and it cannot be resolved with one (or two) calls. Do you get dropped b/c of that? It's one thing to not make payments then try to obtain credits (hell, a swindle is a swindle), but what about specifics where consumers say they got cancelled over real problems, like getting charged for shit they didn't do?

Don't they record phone convos? Why not go through the records of people with legit beef(s), and try to sort it out?

In any case, I'm glad I rock Virgin Mobile...

VIdeo Ho's volume 2

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Hurricane Chris "A Bay Bay"

My son's favorite song. Well, he laughs when I "sing" the "chorus" to him.

R. Kelly ft. Usher "Same Girl"

Word to Charles In Charge.

Lil' Scrappy "Livin' In The Projects"

Videos like this are cool only when the artists still lives in the projects. And why do all of these niggas have wads of cash but stay sittin' on project stoops?

Kanye West "Stronger"

This is supposed to get me excited about a new Kanye LP? Cassie flittin' around Japan and Kanye with those odd slit shades?

The word CRUNK has been added to Webster's dictionary. In honor of that, let's post up a CRUNK ASS VIDEO!:

Lil' Jon ft. E-40 & Sean Paul "Snap Ya Fingers"

KRS-One's stepson commits suicide?

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What's really going on in the world?

In any case, RIP to Randy Hubbard Parker, and condolences go out to KRS and his family.

The Observation Deck (9th July 2007)

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  • Are the crimes committed these days more violent than years passed, or is there just an increase in reporting disturbing crimes?
  • What is it with large sunglasses on little faced people? I'm seeing the public more than I ever do, and I notice it's the girls with the small heads wearing the glasses that make them look like they have big ass eyes.
  • I know there was controversy over Dire Straits' "Money For Nothing" lyrics ("that little faggot is a mill-ion-aire!"), but did they beef with them like the beefed with Eminem?
  • How much longer do we have to wait for a commercial Hip-Hop album that matters to be released?
  • Anyone else think it's kind of fucked up that MTV champions their Super Sweet 16 show, then essentially disses the kids they highlight by making a movie mocking their attitudes?
  • Why is Sony dropping the price of a PS3 by $100 news? Real news would be me being able to afford to play video games and talk on a nice cell phone. Instead I'm rocking my OYSTR ($20) with the free BlackJack (excuse me, Race21) game it came with. HIT ME!

Friday, July 6th 2007 playlist

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01/Unk "Beat'n Down Yo Block (DJ Nappy Vs. Docwra Thugstep Mix)" [you already know]
02/Team Shadetek ft. Skepta "Reign" [gotta love that USA to UK Grime connection.]
03/Company Flow "Blind" [first Co Flow cut I ever heard, and still one of my favs]
04/Tricky "Aftermath (Looking For People Remix)" [best rmx of a Tricky song... ever.]
05/NPhect "Credo" [stomping tech-y DNB for ya bassbins.]
06/Aphex Twin "Ventolin (Wheeze Mix)" [AFX bringing the Dub-influence to noisy IDM. coming to a mixtape soon.]
07/Portishead "Strangers (bootleg dubstep version)" [found it in this Vaccine Vs. Intex Systems mix.]
08/Monsta "Clubstomp" [still jammin'. grab his entire free 18 track album HERE.]
09/Rufige Kru "Must Feel" [you NEED this Rufige Kru CD.]
10/Chubb Rock "Just The Two Of Us"[saw this video the other day, classic. WTF was the chorus about, though?]

Session "Chea!"
Keith Murray "Hustle On"
Donwill & Von Pea "Funny Ass Hats"
Fam-Lay ft. The Clipse & Pharrell "No Time 4 Nos" (prod. by The Neptunes)
Foxy Brown ft. Grafh "We Don't Surrender"
New 50 Cent: "I Get Money" (peep the backlash, ALREADY!) and "She Wants It" (ft. Justin Timberlake, prod. by Timbaland)
Razah ft. Rihanna "Where Do We Go From Here"
DJ Felli Fel ft. Akon, Diddy, Ludacris & Lil' Jon "Get Buck In Here"
Beyonce ft. Fabolous "Get Me Bodied (Remix)"
New Andre3000: "Banana Zoo" & "Throwdown"
Dame Grease ft. Noreaga & Styles P "Sour Diesel"
New Edgar Allen Floe: "This Is Your Life" (ft. Mal Demolish, prod. by Blunt) and "Shine" (prod. by 9th Wonder)
Baby ft. Lil' Wayne "Championship Pop Bottles"
Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson, D.O.E. & Nephew "The Way I Are (Rock Remix)"
New Crooked I: "New West Anthem (N.W.A.) and "Hip-Hop Weekly #14 (Pop, Lock & Drop It Freestyle)"
Trey Songz "Last Time" (prod. by Brian Michael Cox)
Durrty Goodz "Axiom"
Nicole Scherzinger ft. T.I. "Whatever You Like"

Need some DNB? Hit up today's FYLP for a Spor Promo Mix, Kasra's DOA Mix and the 3rd installment of the Lifted Music Podcast.


Need some DUBSTEP? Hit up my new dubstep/dub/grime MP3 blog, dubstruck. Posts include a mix of dubstepforum dubs from the genetic.krew, Monsta's FREE 18 track album, and the Vaccine Vs. Intex Systems mix from June 2007. More to come, today even.


Here are some other mixes I've found on the net:

*Kardinal Offishall and Clinton Sparks get their Spike Lee on. [spotted at The Fader]
**Speaking of The Fader, peep out their "Summer Music Issue" Podcast. Slick tunes.
***Funkmaster Flex went in with a choice 90s Hip-Hop selection on Hot97 this past 4th of July, for FIVE HOURS! Rosenberg has links up to 4 of the 5 hours. Dont' sleep!
****DJ Benzi has dropped his latest Get Right Radio mix, this time for the Summer. Enter the Discobelle comp at that link to win it on CD.
*****Pharrell Williams and the Yessirs Out Of My Mind
******Peep Peanut Butter Wolf's "777" Mix, which is on the spiritual tip.
*******Grab that Who's The Predator mixtape, with dopeness from Weezy and Jadakiss.
********Ricky Raw's new FREE LP, White 'N' Nerdy, is available. Dude has that FIRE!
*********If you haven't done it, check out my 4th of July special mix, Bitch-Made In America. Pick your poison and inject.


Here are some music-news related links that I found interesting:

*My man put his album out on a NES cartridge. 1UP!
**RIP Bill Pinkney.
***You gotta love how Fox News reviews T.I.'s LP and just HAS to make some comment like Jay-Z being "long retired", as if Kingdom Come didn't drop at ALL last year...
****OhWord dissects Lupe Fiasco catching an L!



Public Enemy "911 Is A Joke"

Ice Cube "Check Yo' Self"

Have a good weekend, dreamers!

Bitch-Made In America (July 4th, 2007) Mixtape

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First off, RIP Captain America.

In any case, another year has come and gone, and so we at rock the dub (read: me) have brought you the next installment in our "History of America" series (see last year's "America: The Ugly" - shouts to double J for hosting that .rar), aka "Bitch-Made In America". This mix is another statement on many things that I and many consider wrong/fucked up/silly/stupid in our United States of America.

I tried to make this thing flow as much as possible, so it gives the listener not only a bunch of dope beats & ill lines, but also gets a message across. I need to give shout out to Aaron Perpetuum for a few things: "Kingdom", those Fishbone tracks, and the NAME of this mixtape.

DOWNLOAD Bitch-Made In America


01/Intro: "Bicentinnial Nigger"
02/N.W.A. "Fuck The Police"
>>/Interlude: Richard Pryor "Just Us" b/w Rihanna "Umbrella (Instrumental)"
03/Styles P "Fuck The Police"
04/dead prez "Fuck The Police"
>>/Interlude: Chris Rock "The War" b/w The Alchemist "Stop Fronting (Instrumental)"
05/Joell Ortiz ft. Immortal Technique "Modern Day Slavery"
>>/Interlude: Mumia-Abu Jamal "The War Vs. Us All"
06/Immortal Technique ft. Mos Def "Bin Laden"
07/DJ Shadow "Broken Levee Blues"
08/Jay-Z ft. Ne-Yo "Minority Report"
09/Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings "What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes?"
>>/Interlude: Jello Biafra "If Voting Changed Anything" b/w Perpetuum "Kingdom"
>>/Interlude: Chris Rock "Drugs, Donuts, Wealth" b/w UGK "International Player's Anthem" b/w 9th Wonder "Brooklyn In My Mind (Crooklyn Dodgers III)"
10/Fishbone "So Many Millions"
>>/Interlude: Fishbone "If I Were A...I'd"
11/Public Enemy "911 Is A Joke"
12/Sam Cooke "A Change Is Gonna Come"

Be safe, and Happy 4th!

Don't Sample (article for Boo Goo Doo Boom)

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I want to shout out a fast friend, Enigmatik, for allowing me to speak on his "state of music today" post on Boo Goo Doo Boom. My article is in the middle, and one of the first comedic/sarcastic joints I've written in a bit. Def. peep out the rest of the articles, there's some dope bloggers doing all kinds of pieces out there, with links to their shit. Here is my piece, in its entirety:

Don’t Sample

sample: 3. a sound of short duration, as a musical tone or a drumbeat, digitally stored in a synthesizer for playback. 5. serving as a specimen: a sample piece of cloth.

The Man, who in most cases is white, rich, and totally disconnected with the urban culture he is writing checks for, does not want you to sample. Whether it’s a chorus from
some classic show tune or 3 seconds of an ill guitar riff, you will have to pay SOMEBODY for that sound, and it could potentially suck up your budget or delay your project’s release (I’m looking at you, Just Blaze). The thing is, no one seems to care about what this means to the quality of our grown son, Hip-Hop (that nigga stopped being a childa LONG time ago)…

The Man, again that balding white real estate mogul who is funding his 25 year old budding A&R son’s wet dream, does not want you sampling music. And if you want to sample music, you have to do it on his terms. The “MP3” is right now the most widely accepted form of music since the Compact Disc. It weighs nothing, easy to use, and is able to be played on the majority of the portable music players. Yet, there are CDs where you cannot turn music CDs you purchased (if you so chose to do so) into MP3 file format. Also, downloading promotional use-MP3 files is also strongly frowned upon, for fear that the polar ice caps will melt, and the penguins will drown… or that these bald rich moneygrubbers won’t get their investment back, whichever comes first. Some would think that these two forms of “sampling” do not intertwine… but let me show you how this thing works:

Biz Markie sampled Gilbert O’Sullivan and
caused a stir so loud that now every bedroom beat fondler fears for the life of his unborn and ends up not snipping that Led Zeppelin hi-hat. This means that more producers start to create music that they’ve actually conceived on their own (which usually involves music-making software or hardware beat machines that have either been pilfered or purchased through crack sales, which is another article), which can, at times, be of equal quality, but is usually of lesser quality. These “songs” get sent to the record label, who then puts them on a CD marked “ring tones”, and leaves it on the desk of the summer intern. This intern then listens to said CD, realizes “yo, this shit is off the meat rack” (even though this is rarely the case – usually, these toads are just so happy to have something that you don’t that they are willing to champion any nonsensical necromancer as the next H to the Izzo), and proceeds to upload that new Lil’ Jon ft. Big Maybelle RMX of “Back Dat Azz Up” to all of the contacts (read: bloggers) on his A&R boss’ les internets “contact list”. Within the day, radio stations and les internets get flooded with this new masterpiece in polyphonic ringtonability, and prompts “the bootlegger” (aka that nigga in the studio with the master copy of the entire CD) to leak the entire album, including extra-rare Japanese bonus tracks featuring Sammy Haggar and that nigga Bad Azz, to, you guessed it, les internets. The overwhelming amount of downloads and P2P sharing drives the sales of Pimp My Grits: Lil’ Jon Sings The Blues to only go 1x Platinum, thus creating such a decline in the RIAA’s yearly numbers that gas prices will have to rise another $5 just to balance the national budget. This fact is little known, but how else do you explain the millions of man minutes on les internets and on the nightly news devoted to today’s new terror: “10-year-old downloaders!

The moral of this story? The RIAA needs to let up. Hip-Hop was built on sampling, and the fact that they have clouded niggas’ minds (i.e. making them think that they will get more loot for creating the theme song to their new dance craze by opening up Fruity Loops and making, well, fruity loops, where all of the time that they are really just going to get a bigger cut of an advance they can’t pay back) into thinking they can become celebrities overnight is just ludicrous. Why do you think niggas like Crime Mob are allowed to produce? And the fact that the RIAA is willing and able to shut down sites that actually help promote their garbage is beyond me. It’s all about the backend: that’s where their wallets are, and that’s where they rape their "artists”. You’d think the emergence of services like iTunes, which help smart consumers bypass the 20+ track releases that yield 1 hot track and 1 semi-funny interlude, would mean something: we need to go back to the 1950s, where the 45 was king. Or back to the 8 track tape days, where niggas BEST to have a dope long player, or that shit gets used to hold up ya grandmama’s stool with the one broke leg.

Now before you guys load up on comments and diatribes poking holes in my scientific research, I will add this footnote: the only time they waste time on niggas who still sample is when Kanye West or some other money maker is involved. He’s one of the only cats really eating who still samples. Whether it’s Chaka Khan or Daft Punk, dude (or his ghost producers) has an ear for music, and can cook up a beat with ease. And for some reason, the fact that he can twist knobs helps alleviate the fact that dude really can’t flow – he has written a verse or 3 that have knocked, but dude is not hot with his voice.

In any case, it’s not like any of this matters. Once you read this, you
will click over to some other blog that matters and continue the hunt for “that
new”. I know I will…

Once again, shouts to Enigmatik for being chill and keep an eye peeled to his blog, it's the bidness.

FOTM: THUGSTEP #3 (07/2007)

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DJ Nappy strikes again, this time with a track that would fit perfect as an intro track to your thugged-out summer mix. This one is for the woofer-busters, and Unk's lyrics perfectly breaks down that egotistical braggadacio those who have the champion systems exude when they are ridin' down their hood. This track is the title cut to Unk's debut LP, the same one that birthed "2 Step", and he keeps the exact same flavor in his vocals on this one. The dubstep instrumental is provided by Docwra, and it gives us the PERFECT thump to back up the theme of this refix. It starts out menacing enough, with a basic boom-bap, with a hypnotic bassline which is matched by some haunting synths. Heavy tune, and something that will definitely keep those tweeters and woofers heated for the summer rides. Check out the download links, in 256kbps MP3 sound:

Looking for more THUGSTEP? Hit this link. Any of you DJs want MORE THUGSTEP? Send me an e-mail, Nappy blessed me w/ loads of refixes. One thing: if you use them, let me know you use them, so we can big you up on his MySpace page, ESPECIALLY if you use them on mixes hosted online.

Be safe, and spread the word. This is FAR from over...

200 Murders? Let me get that iPhone

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You gotta love it when the mayor of a town that currently has 200 murders on their plate (they are currently in the lead for 2006) finds time to wait in line for the iPhone. I mean you can't fault a nigga and his hobbies - he owns 3 iPods, rocks Bose headphones, and probably downloads pornos to his Blackberry during briefings. Again, every nigga has to have his hobbies. The thing that makes this nigga a punk is when he's confronted about the 200 murders Philly currently has, he downplays it like "fuck you, I'm working"... THEN LEAVES THE LINE! He spent 8 hours of his life lounging with smelly technodroids, waiting for a "flawed", buttonless contraption, then when he's confronted about his real job, he skates? Bad move, dog. Real mayors would have stood their ground, got your whip ticketed, and walked out with 3 of those new fangled doohickeys. Or at least had a government gopher wait in line with the City Hall Visa Black card. He fucked the game ALL THE WAY UP! Oh wait, that's exactly what ended up happening! Should have done that from the rip, nigga.

Benoit Tragedy News (06/29/2007)

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Another day, another dive deeper into this horrific tragedy:

  • Chris Benoit's father awaits the toxicology tests, says he did not see this side of Benoit coming
  • Bruce Hart (son of Stu Hart, brother of Bret Hart) called Benoit a "juice freak" and said he wasn't shocked by the outcome of this situation at all. He does make an interesting observation: he truly believes that steroid abuse, in combination with delusional behaviour, painkillers and failing health -- "almost all the people we started out with (who did steroids) began breaking down around 40".
  • posted about the Wikipedia poster who said that Nancy Benoit was dead before the official word came. Based on this Wikinews page (scroll down to the "I posted the comment we are all talking about and I am here to explain that it was A HUGE COINCIDENCE and nothing more" convo), dude (possibly one of 3 college students) says it was a very slim chance and a coincidence. It sounds like dude was just being immature and ridiculous.
  • Slate asks if 'roid rage could have been the cause (Explainer stays on point).
  • Side note: Smackdown! and ECW are coming to Trenton, NJ in August. They need to fix the commercial, which shows both action shots and name checks Chris Benoit.

Anything else going on has already been covered on my blog. Question to you wrestling fans out there: will you be able to watch a Chris Benoit match now? I mean, WWE 24/7 has the "Monday Night Wars" on, showcasing old Nitro and RAW broadcasts - Benoit and Nancy are two of the primary characters in Nitro during that time. Do they stop showing that? Why or why not?

Here is the video of the infamous Nancy Grace/Bret Hart interview I spoke about yesterday:

Friday, June 29th 2007 playlist


Word. No real top 10 day, not because I haven't been peepin' new music, but I've been into some singular shit, like rockin' some old school Tricky (I'm gonna be working on a mixtape of his - watch this space), a bunch of tracks for the 2007 July 4th rock the dub mixtape (again, watch this space), and the Chris Benoit/jungle mixtape I made which I doubt I'm gonna release. Anyways, peep the leaks and mixes and get to fixin'.


Papoose ft. Snoop Dogg "Bang It Out" (prod. by Scott Storch)
T.I. ft. Jay-Z "Watch What You Say" (CD Quality) (also from T.I. vs. T.I.P.: "Tell 'Em I Said That", prod. by Danja)
Joe Budden "Can't Control It"
Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch & Big Shug "DJ Premier/Sirus Radio Freestyle"
Uncle Murder "Suicide"
Shouts to for this KRS-One interview, and two bonus cuts from Hip-Hop Lives: "U Thug" & "On Top Of My Game"
Coldcut "Autumn Leaves (Irresistable Force Mix Trip 2)" (old cut, classic chillout groove)
Cham "Conscience"
The Earlyman ft. Kombo "Alpha"
Nelly ft. Pimp C & Sean P "Cut It Out"
Two cuts from Wise Intelligent's The Talented Timothy Taylor: "Go With Me" & "A Genocide" (spotted @ cocaine blunts)
Sheek Louch "Danga Zone"
The Gypsies ft. Wildchild, Oh No, Dudley Perkins, Roc C & DJ Rome "Interplanetary"
Evidence & Termanology "Low IQ" (prod. by Evidence)
Two tracks from NORE's Cocaine On Steroids mixtape: "Drink Champ" (prod. by The Alchemist) and "I'ma Get Ya" ft. Kanye West
Fabolous ft. Ne-Yo & Raekwon "Make It Better (Remix)"
Crooked I "Hip-Hop Weekly #13 (International Players Anthem)"
Ashanti & Nelly "Switch"
A few cuts from the forthcoming UNKLE album: "Chemistry" and "Persons & Machinery" ft. Autolux (these and more spotted at Discobelle)
Famouz ft. UGK "Twist, Twist"
Hurricane Chris ft. Jadakiss, The Game,Lil' Boosie, Baby & E-40 "Ay Bay Bay (Remix)" Lil' Boosie ft. Jadakiss, Fat Joe, Jim Jones & Webbie "Wipe Me Down (Remix)"
Talib Kweli "Hot Thing" (prod. by


eskay posted up the recent Barack Obama interview with Angie Martinez on Hot97. (MIRROR)


Check out Scuba's N16 Mix for June of 2007. 53 minutes of serious DUBSTEP PRESSHA:

1. Spherix - Crack Kings (dub)
2. SLT Mob - No Big Deal (forthcoming Hotflush)
3. Gravious - Stomper (forthcoming Hotflush)
4. Migrant - Untitled (dub)
5. DZ - Strong on Ya (forthcoming Scuba)
6. Vaccine - Side Effects (forthcoming Hotflush)
7. Shackleton - Ndoki (dub)
8. Modular - Sedated Sheep (dub)
9. Innasekt - Cluster (dub)
10. Vaccine - Breathless (forthcoming Hotflush)
11. DZ - Slums Dub (forthcoming Scuba)
12. Si Begg - Hard Like Funk (Noodles)
13. 2562 - Channel Two (forthcoming Tectonic)
14. Shackleton - Tin Foil Sky (Skull Disco)
15. Toasty - Angel (Si Begg remix) (forthcoming Hotflush)
16. SLT Mob - Splurt (Skream dub mix) (forthcoming Halo Beats)
17. Vaccine - Anaesthetic (forthcoming Hotflush)
18. Matty G - 808 (dub)
19. TRG - Mercury Dub (dub)
20. Wolf & Cub - Conundrum (Boxcutter remix) (dub)
21. Scuba - Respirator (Soul Jazz)



Grab DJ MK & A-Cyde's "No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs" mix. Haven't heard it, but Spine Mag reps it, so give it a twirl.


Looking for a feel good summertime mix? Cosmo Baker has you covered with his "Feeling Good" Mix:

Benny Golson “I’m Always Dancin’ To The Music”
Maze feat. Frankie Beverly “Golden Time Of Day”
Brenda Russell “In The Thick Of It”
SSO “Faded Lady”
L.T.D. “Don’t Stop Loving Me”
Toto “Waiting For Your Love”
Harvey Mason “Till You Take My Love”
Eddie Drennon & The BSS Orchestra “Do What You Gotta Do”
Patrice Rushen “Feels So Real (Won’t Let Go)”
Brass Construction “Get Up To Get Down”
Roy Ayers “Love Will Bring Us Back Together”
Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway “Back Together Again”
Mtume “Love Lock”
Bernard Wright “Spinnin’”
Teena Marie “I Need Your Lovin’”
Stevie Wonder “Love Light In Flight”
Karen Silver “Nobody Else”
James Mason “Sweet Power of Your Embrace”
Donald Byrd “Love Has Come Around”
Chaka Kahn “Clouds”
Coke Escoveo “I Wouldn’t Change A Thing”
Black Ivory “Mainline”
Change “A Lover’s Holiday”
D-Train “Keep On”
Earth Wind & Fire “Runnin’” (Danny Krivit Remix)
John Paul Young “Love Is In The Air”
Norman Connor presents Aquarian Dream “Look Ahead”
The Isley Brothers “Harvest For The World”

Big up Discobelle each and every.


Need some DNB in your life? Hit up the DPD's "FYLP" for June 29th 2007. Mixes from DJ Vapour, Matt Domino, Marcus Intalex & Calibre and arQer. Enjoy yaself.


I already told you guys I've been on a Tricky fix. Back in 1995/1996, when I was discovering the "Bristol sound", Tricky, Portishead and Massive Attack were the pinnacle. I delved into Tricky more, mainly due to the loss of my grandmother (which I didn't realize until JUST NOW), with his blues-y depressed vibes. His first two albums were masterpieces, and I have a podcast/mixtape I'm working on. Watch this space.

In any case, here are some LIVE Tricky clips for you to consume:

"Black Steel (LIVE)"

"Ghost Town/Poems (LIVE at the White Room)"

Boh. Keep it concise. And stay righteous... until next time.

Ireland has a Nigerian mayor

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It's true. $20 says that all of the 419 e-mail scams will have IPs from Ireland.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

Quick Benoit tragedy news


Here's the newest latest:

One reality show I WILL be watching

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Beauty In The Beast.

Damn. I mean you thought the album cover was wild, but now Ice-T is really putting their relationship all the way out there! And I think it's dope. Seeing them on different shows, and on the red carpet, you know two things: one - their sex life must be OFF THE CHAIN! And two - they really do look like they are in love.

The thing is, I know most people might think "Damn, yo, I know CoCo has a fatty, but you gonna watch a whole show with her and Ice on it?"

Yes. Contrary to popular belief, I am a big Ice-T fan - not of his music, but of the nigga who walks around named Ice-T.

Did you see him on MTV Cribs? With the snack machine in his house? Or the camera in the bedroom?

Which one of you niggas watched Rap School? He was showing how he could be PG(-13) and still rock those rich white kids into Hip-Hop shape. And they really weren't half bad.

What about The Cult Shit? None of this shit had to do with Ice as that nigga on the mic, it just vibed off the strength of his character and swagger.

And this is why I will be watching the show. It has nothing to do with CoCo's bumper.

Sort of.

In any case, they didn't release who will be showing this reality show, but come on, if it's not on VH1, where the fuck will it end up? Playboy?


Ice-T "New Jack Hustler"

REAL TALK: Paris Hilton, ADD sufferer

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OK so do you remember when Paris Hilton was allowed to leave jail due to a medical condition, then was told to go back to jail? On last night's Larry King, she let the world know what he medical condition(s) were:

The tone changed when King questioned the heiress about the medical conditions - claustrophobia and ADD - that allowed her to leave jail initially. When asked if she has been cured of claustrophobia, she coyly replied, "Well, now that I'm out of there, yes," and when asked how her ADD affected her time in jail, she smiled, "I don't know, it's something I've dealt with my whole life."

Yo, you can get out of jail early for having ADD? And being claustrophobic? That's some new news! I swear to God, I thought Paris was on some "I have the clap" shit, or some "I have ebola and could infect the entire prison" shit. Nah, she was just another Ashlee Simpson: using "medical conditions" to get their way when they've fucked up. No wonder the judge ordered her back to jail so quick: he probably heard this bitch say "My ADD prevents me from being in jail" and almost smacked her. And her cries of "it's not fair", over being claustrophobic? Try being a nigga on the Row, being accussed of a murder you didn't commit, and the prosecutor won't give you the opportunity to submit your DNA to be tested. That's not fair.

I sincerely hope she turns her life around, but I have a sneaky suspicion we haven't had our fill of Paris just yet...

REAL TALK: Saigon, slow down!


So I kept quiet with all of this bru-ha-ha over Saigon's sample clearance woes and his bitching out Just Blaze, Atlantic Records and others via his MySpace blog. For someone to be so smart and act so stupid, I thought it was a bit out of character.

Then I see this nugget of funk, found over at XXL's news section:

As Saigon prepares to release his debut solo album on Atlantic Records, The Greatest Story Never Told, The Yardfather told in an exclusive interview that he wanted to reach out to David Banner after hearing the Mississippi native was going to call his upcoming album, The Greatest Story Ever Told. “I just seen a David Banner ad and it said his album is called, Greatest Story Ever Told,” Saigon told “I wanted to speak to David so we can clear that up. So if you’re reading this, please reach out to me brother. That’s my friend. We’re cool. When we see each other it’s a lot of love. [But] that’s too close for comfort for me.”
Let me repeat that last part one mo' 'gin:

“I just seen a David Banner ad and it said his album is called, Greatest Story Ever Told,” Saigon told “I wanted to speak to David so we can clear that up. So if you’re reading this, please reach out to me brother. That’s my friend. We’re cool. When we see each other it’s a lot of love. [But] that’s too close for comfort for me.”

Dog, you haven't released ONE FUCKING ALBUM, and you are ready to step to David Banner over a similar title? Not even the same one (where was KRS when Jay dropped the blue album?), but a similar sounding title? And what does he expect Banner to say? "Oh, my bad, Sai Giddy! I know you been lunching on putting this album out, and I'm 3+ deep, but let me rename mine so you can get some shine"? Give me a fucking break.

Sai, instead of trying to garner more buzz, just finish the damn album, and let your words speak for themselves.


WWE apologizes for Benoit tribute

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Big up to Vince McMahon and the WWE for that one. There was really nothing else to say...

It is also good to clarify that the tribute show was something that was created prior to knowing the full details of this tragic end to Nancy, Daniel and Chris Benoit. I do think its wrong to criticize them, only b/c no one really knew what the real deal was until Monday night, which was after the WWE probably knew what it really was. I wouldn't consider what Vince did a "non-apology" at all. has taken down Benoit's tribute page, but has released a detailed timeline (then released an even more detailed timeline).

In any case, Jim Ross posted his thoughts on the tragedy involving Chris Benoit on his blog; he doesn't say a lot, but his words are always welcome.

Last night, I made a "lament" for Chris Benoit, which had a bunch of mid-to-late 90s Jungle cuts thrown under audio of Benoit moments: from the time he broke Sabu's neck in the ring to the different tributes from Raw this past Monday. I'm not sure if, in light of this tragedy, it is the right thing to do, but it helped me get over the image I have of Benoit. Might just keep it for myself, for now anyways. Not really something people would want to get into.

I'm not sure if I need to delve into "'roid rage" or any of that stuff. It is what it is. If any new pieces of info or what have you come out, I got you.

EDIT: The Atlanta-Journal Constitution has a new article up today, with fans and Fayetteville, GA, residents reacting to the tragedy, as well as sharing personal stories about The Benoit family.

TMZ details on Benoit deaths

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If this is true, this is very disturbing, and unexpected:

TMZ has learned more about the deaths of WWE wrestling superstar Chris Benoit, his wife and son -- and the information is extremely disturbing.

Several Atlanta-based law enforcement sources have told TMZ Benoit may have strangled his wife on Saturday, then smothered his son in his bed a day later.
Investigators refuse to officially comment, pending final confirmation by the
coroner on the cause and time of the deaths.

One source told TMZ that Benoit was texting friends during Sunday's WWE "Vengeance" Pay-Per-View program -- possibly watching the show with his son, who may have been alive at the time.

According to sources, Benoit then hanged himself Monday in a weight room
inside the family home.

A police investigation is ongoing.

That's just not what I was expecting. Again, this isn't the final word on this tragic situation, but if it is, what was going on in Benoit's head to make him do this? I'm at a loss for words, honestly. More on this when I get more info.

EDIT: First off, shouts to Melody for keeping people informed. In any case, is reporting the possibility of Nancy's death being an accident, and Chris murdered his son to save him from a life without a mother and a father who is a murderer. Sounds like it could go either way... could be complete shullbit, but it is plausible. Here's an Atlanta-Journal Constitution article detailing all of the info made available up to this point, including the turbulent relationship Nancy & Chris had.

EDIT: Sports Illustrated has posted the AP report on this tragedy. Confirmations: Nancy was found to be strangled. Daniel was smothered and in his bedroom. Both seem to have been killed durign the weekend, while Chris hung himself in the weight room on Monday. "'Roid rage" is being looked at as the primary cause, but toxicology results won't be available for weeks, supposedly. Bret Hart has been speaking out about Benoit, being a "good guy" and other kind things - which look good, but given the situation, might not matter in terms of how people are starting to react to what Chris did. I am torn - I am upset over the loss, but my perception of Chris Benoit has done a complete 180. More info on this when I get some.

EDIT: This is it. posted up the, um, highlights of today's press conference. has the video. I'm really done with this for right now.

RIP Chris Benoit

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I was just getting my son to sleep last night, and turned on Monday Night Raw to see the next saga in the "Mr. McMahon limo explosion", and my jaw dropped when I saw the "In Memory Of Chris Benoit" graphic on my TV screen. Being a Wrestling fan since I was in Spiderman underoos, I was immediately skeptical, as I had not heard anything on this during the day. Seeing that empty arena, with Vince McMahon in the middle of that ring, on the verge of tears, I knew it was too good to be true. I asked wifey to hit up armbar, which sure enough had links to Bill Apter's initial reporting, something about Chris, his wife Nancy (aka Woman) and their son Daniel coughing up blood, but nothing new came out of it. As of right now, the police are saying it's an apparent double homicide/suicide deal. From what I gather, dude killed Nancy and Daniel, then offed himself the next night... WHY!??! Who knows... I guess they were going through something serious. He was set to win that ECW strap, though, at Vengeance, you just know it!

In any case, I wanted to just shout my appreciation for Benoit as a wrestler. I mean, he got his licks in, and was just a pure technical wrestler. Anytime I saw him wrestle, whether it was against Kevin Sullivan in a bathroom, or against 2 Cold Scorpio at Superbrawl III (which I oddly enough just watched a week or so ago on WWE 24/7 On Demand), or in the plethora of matches they highlighted on Raw last night, dude was just awesome. I imagine he had his own demons, especially with the whole Woman/Kevin Sullivan love triangle that went from the script to real life, but what made that turn into murder/suicide? Only time will tell - I'll update with more news when I get it.

It's just crazy. I've been watching a lot of old ECW on WWE 24/7 as well, and seeing Woman with that singapore cane alongside Sandman. I actually used to crush on her when I was a shorty - infatuated might be the word. I don't even know what to say...

Check out some YouTube finds of some of Chris' work:

Chris Benoit vs. Steve Austin

Chris Benoit vs. The Great Gama (his first singles title win)

Chris Benoit vs. Sabu

(infamous match where Sabu broke his neck - basically the invention of "The Canadian Crippler")

Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero (WCW 1997)

Classic. For more info on Chris Benoit, point your mouse at the following links:

WWE's official press release regarding the deaths of the Benoit family
WWE's Chris Benoit career retrospective
Wikipedia: Chris Benoit
Hard Knocks: The Chris Benoit Story DVD at Amazon
SLAM! Sports page on Chris Benoit

And again, I'll be bringing updates on this story as I get them. RIP.

"Bad review? I sue!"

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Over @ T.R.U., Riz threw up this link, which calls into question the idea of suing for bad reviews, and the training that goes on between musicians in comparison to the training/credentials critics need. All of this is good, but it made me think of one thing:

If musicians could sue for every bad review I ever gave them, I would be put into the super-poor house by artists like Lupe Fiasco, Shop Boyz, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell and many other artists... and that's just on this blog! This hasn't even scratched the surface of the DNB scene - but then again, them niggas ain't got no monies anyway.

I do have a problem with critics who aren't qualified - like country music critics writing a piece on Hip-Hop; but those who have knowledge about the field (whether it's as a long fan or someone who is in the industry), and they are giving an unbiased opinion (payola is a no-go), why diss on them for dissing on you? Especially MCs, who will spit and claw and cry over free speech - until it says something about them not hitting right, or whatever the case may be. Keep it real - grown folks accept criticism. That's how it works. Deal with it or don't read it.

False Media

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The Fader was thinking the same thing I was thinking when I read ?uestlove's proclamation of The Roots' being on their 10th album: Huh? (Do the math... do compilation discs and live albums truly count?)

For good measure, peep out Black Thought saying all of The Roots LPs are his solo albums.

Friday, June 22nd 2007 playlist

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You already know...

USDA ft. Fabolous, Lil' Wayne & Rick Ross "White Girl (Remix)"
M.I.A. "Boyz"
Guilty Simpson "Man's World"
Cassidy ft. Swizz Beatz "Drink And My Two Step"
Talib Kweli "Hostile Gospel"
Saigon ft. Blam "Don't You Be Da Nigga"
WC ft. The Game "Westcoast Voodoo"
Uncle Murder "Faggots"
Ne-Yo ft. Mary J. Blige "Do You (Remix)"
The Nextmen ft. Naledge "Knowledge Be Born"
A couple Trae tracks, courtesy of Rizoh: "Rock & Roll" and "Bartender (Freestyle)". Peep out "Smile", which features Jadakiss & Styles P, as well.
Sean Paul "Watch Dem Roll"
Crooked I "Hip-Hop Weekly #12 (Big Shit Poppin')"
A few T.I. cuts: "Watch What You Say" ft. Jay-Z (includes HipHopDX drops and "Help Is Coming" (prod. by Just Blaze).
Turntablerocker "Rings (Simon V Remix)"
Little Brother "Good Clothes"
Sean Price ft. Buckshot "Frankenstein"
Young Buck "Not Gon' Play With Y'all *DJ Khaled Diss*"
Freeway "Money In The Bank Freestyle"
Freaky Zeekey ft. Lil' Wayne & Jha Jha "Beat Without Bass"
Ja Rule ft. Lil' Wayne "Uh Ohhhhh"
BG ft. Young Jeezy "Hustle"
Kelly Rowland "Flashback"


Dubstep wunderkid Skream graced the BBC Radio 1 studios with his Essential Mix; check the massive tracklisting on this beast:

1.Skream-Hedd Banger-Dub
3.Skream-Shake It-Dub
4.Skream-Hurt Them-Dub
5.Skream-Movin Snarez-Disfigured Dubz 001
6.Mark Ashken-Size 3 (Skreamix)
7.Skream N CLue Kid-SandSnake-Disfigured Dubz 001
9.Warrior Queen-Take Time-Dub
10.Skream-Chest Boxin-Tempa
11.Skream-Dubbers Anonnymous2-Tempa
13.Zinc featuring Slarta John-Flim (Skreamix)-Dub
14.Coki-Untitled-Big Apple Music
18.Skream-The Line-Dub
19.Skream-Tortured Soul-Tempa
20.Benga-Skunk Tip(Skreamix)-Tempa
24.Black Ghost-Find Some way(Skream N Plastician Refix)-Southern Fried
25-Rusko-Jah Hova-Sub Soldiers
26-Skream-Losin Control-Tempa
27.Magnetic MAn-What's Happenin?-Dub
29.Skream-Wobble That Gut-Dub
31.Skream ft Warrior Queen-Check It-Tempa
32.Coki-SpongeBob-Big Apple
35.Neon Hitch-Derek(BiPolarMen Refix)-The Beats
36.Skream-Make Me(DistanceRemix)-Dub
37.SeventeenEvergreen-Ensoniq(BiPolarMen Refix)-Dub
39.Skream-Midnight RequestLine-Tempa
40.Skream-C.R.O Dub-Dub
41.Klaxons-Not Over Yet(Skreamix)-EMI



The J-Love & CNN mixtape, Still Reporting, should still be available to you. [NahRight]

PalmsOutSounds' Mix Series vol. 2 has Them Jeans featured. No joke, party starter. Don't sleep.

Over at Che Sing The Cool, a Juneteenth mixtape celebration came about. Very inspiring.

If DNB is what you need, check today's FYLP over @ the digest: new Lifted Music podcast, as well as mixes from ShockOne, Phetsta, High Rankin, Realtime and Thew0rks. HEAVY BIDNESS!


That's it for this week. Enjoy your weekend. I hope to get a few winks in mine.

Until next time... namaste.

Summertime Has Begun

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Let's bring it in with style...

Mungo Jerry "In The Summertime"

Shaggy, eat your heart out.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince "Summertime"

classic Summer anthem

Go put some sun on ya face.

MF DOOM Nike SB Dunk High

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Pic jacked from SMARTENUPNAS (via Not sure how I feel about these, personally, but DOOM DUNKS is a good look, regardless. I just wouldn't wear them.

More info @ Hypebeast.

And now, the perfect opportunity to play MF Doom's "I Hear Voices" video:

Duck Down 2K7 Info

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No wonder the new LP ain't out yet...

I've been a fan of Buckshot, the BCC and all of the Duck Down Records family since I heard Black Moon's "Who Got Da Props?" back in the day. We're talking about classic Hip-Hop, when "backpacking" was about carrying stolen loot in ya knapsack, not books. Talking about grimey spitting when the only nasty niggas was ODB and Onyx. In any case, with a new, revamped website, the Double D is set to take 2007 and make it their year. Here are some projects they have forthcoming:
  • First off, they are now getting their distro from Koch, so hopefully their release-game steps up
  • Sean Price's Master P mixtape is set to drop in a bit (I'm loving that Pen & Pixel-style cover); he also has a title for his next solo album, Mic Tyson, but hasn't started work on that just yet. He's been getting courted by majors, and is also working on a project with Guilty Simpson & Black Milk. Say word. (check this interview for more P from P)
  • Steele has a mixtape coming, entitled Hotstyle Takeover. I can only imagine...
  • The Boot Camp Clik's compilation disc, Casualties of War, will be dropped previously-unreleased gems from The Last Stand and other knockers
  • Sean P and Rock are also working on a new Heltah Skeltah album, D.I.R.T., but there's no release date set as of yet
  • Coming in the Fall of 2007 will be a new Smif-N-Wessun album, as well as The Formula, which is the title of the follow-up to 9th Wonder & Buckshot's Chemistry album. Big tings.
  • Be on the lookout for Duck Down to start branching out, and giving looks to non-BCC bredren: the first fruits of that labor is an Ed O.G.-helmed collective called Special Teamz, with their Stereotypez project, which is slated to drop in September of 2007. This project is set to feature production from DJ Premier, Pete Rock, The Alchemist, Marco Polo, Jake One, Ill Bill and others, with guest mic work from Devin the Dude, Sean Price, Buckshot, Ill Bill, Akrobatik and more!

Seeing as though we are on a BCC/Duck Down mode right now, I am going to take this opp to YouTube-link some of my fav BCC-related videos from them. Let's take a look back...

Smif-N-Wessun "Sound Bwoy Buriell"

Fab 5 "Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka"

Black Moon "How Many MCs"

Sean Price "Boom Bye Yeah"

Smif-N-Wessun "Won On Won"

For more Duck Down/BCC videos, hit up their YouTube Channel.

For more Duck Down/BCC related info, hit up Duck Down's website. You can also point your mouse to the Boot Camp Clik MySpace page.