[video] J-Zone & Chief Chinchilla "Can I Get A Sip?"

I wanna shout out my nigga, JunClassic, for connecting me with J-Zone. I feel like such a fanboy when I get out-the-blue e-mails from cats who have made albums that I thoroughly enjoyed for years. J-Zone's J-Zone presents... Chief Chinchilla: Live @ The Liqua Sto LP, which is both an homage and a satire on malt-liquor adverts on urban cities (remember that Philly/Colt 45 graf fiasco from this summer? how about those classic St. Ides commercials?). I must say, it's that classic Zone that you've grown to love... or despise. Peep the video for "Can I Get A Sip?":

This is the final piece of J-Zone's four-part trailer for this amazing album (which you can cop via Chief Chinchilla's MySpace page RIGHT NOW); check out Parts 1, 2 and 3 as well.

Old Maid/Fuck PETA in the house. Watch out for more Zone-related shit in the comming months. And make sure you niggas are keep up with Zone's Gator$-N-Fur$ podcast, which can be downloaded over at UGHH.

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One Response to “[video] J-Zone & Chief Chinchilla "Can I Get A Sip?"”

Anonymous said...

J Zone is a GENIUS!!

Khalil and Rocthedub.com are the troof!!!

Go Get That "Live At The Liqua Sto" nigga!!