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Rukus "Kill A Man"

Back in August, I posted Manic's "Killers Theme 2008", which got some good responses from the heads out there. I sent the instrumental out to some of my favorite MCs, hoping I could spark something with them. The only cats I knew who bit were Nov Ganon and Rukus. Last night, Rukus hit me with his take on that riddim, but flipped the idea - instead of rapping about the usual gunplay/murda talk, he ponders... what would it take for someone to kill a man? He goes in for like 3 minutes or so, then lets the beat ride out. Get hype to this.

I'm still waiting for Ganon's version, will hit you when I have it!

Bonus Beats Rukus vs Manic "Kill A Man (rock the dub VIP)"


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