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Is It Really This Serious?

I guess George Bush likes some Black people. Imagine my confusion as to why THIS was the cover of my local paper. I don't really remember them making this big of a deal when John Forte was arrested and sent to prison for his role in a $1.4M liquid coke bust, and considering that the story right next to it had more meat in regards to local news (a dismissed drug czar was allowed back into our area, this time of the federal dime), I don't see why this took presidence. To sell papers, I'm sure, but the fucked up thing is, the article then references Forte's work with Carly Simon, as if that was a) a hit and b) Simon really gives a fuck about speaking on John's situation now.

Look, I am all for cats getting commuted, and I was a fan of John's back when I first heard him on The Score. But what's next? Is it really this big of a deal? When was the last time you listened to I, John? Just keep shit in perspective, people...

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