Thursday, June 04, 2009

RIP David Carradine

Damn. The early word was that David Carradine, star of Kung Fu and Kill Bill had comitted suicide, but now I'm reading that the 73-year-old actor died of natural causes in Bangkok, where he was set to film a movie. Dude was the epitome of bad ass, from being a young grasshopper to a cool old dude. Rest in peace.

EDIT BBC has picked up on the story, as has TMZ. Story's still developing...


Carradine, 73, was staying in Bangkok while shooting a movie. The film crew became aware of his absence when they went to dine out at a restaurant yesterday. When a producer went to his room, he discovered that the actor had died.



aser said...

David Carradine, star of the 1970s television series "Kung Fu." has been found dead in a Bangkok hotel room.
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