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Junclassic "The Owner (G Rap Tribute)"

Junclassic "The Owner (G Rap Tribute)" (prod. by DJ Husky): Here's the first taste of Jun's Dub MD-presented mixtape, Soutside's Saviour. In this Kool G Rap tribute, Jun wanted to spit over the classic "Road To The Riches", but couldn't find the instrumental, so DJ Husky stepped up and recreated the track using the original sample! Dope tribute, and a great intro into the next phase of Jun.

Southside's Saviour drops July 13th; Jun's next album, Imaginary Enemies, drops on Classified on limited edition CD on August 6th - get more info on all of this via a recent interview on Flawless Hustle. Holla!

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Anonymous said...

Good Looks Brother Khal!

Much Respeck!