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Juan Epstein LIVE (6/24/2009)

I've been a growing fan of Juan Epstein over the last year or so. I caught a little late, but once I did the knowledge and listened to everything Ciph and Rosenberg have been working on, I became an instant fan. These guys put in work, and remind me of niggas I would like to hang out with and shoot the shit.

Sometime in 2008, they spoke on recording an episode of Juan Epstein in front of a live audience. And now, on the 24th of June at the 92Y Tribeca at 7PM, Juan Epstein will be recording LIVE! There will be DJs and MCs in attendance, but I don't have a boatload of info... as of yet. Tickets are available now - if I could be there, I would be there. This should be interesting! Props to Mic Sean for the heads up!

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