Junclassic "Recognize"

Junclassic "Recognize" (prod. by J. Slikk): One thing I forever respect about Jun is that he takes the time to big up all those involved before he spits his darts. Lil' things like that. ANYWAYS, this banger is brought to you by the good folks over at Ruby Hornet. I love seeing other sites bigging up people I consider fam. If you need some cold weather heat, this is the track that will keep you warm.

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One Response to “Junclassic "Recognize"”

Anonymous said...

Khal You Are The Truth!!!

It means a lot to me that you peeped my intent to consistently let the listener know who was involved in creating the song. Every song I do man, gotta big up all those who helped make it possible.

Much Respeck My G!

Peace Khal

KhemLab jun