Thursday, April 01, 2010

Dow Jonez ft. GemStones & Drake "Stay In Your Place"

Dow Jonez ft. GemStones & Drake "Stay In Your Place": I featured a Vainglorious Basterds track on The Four Horsemen, and one half of the crew, Dow Jonez, sent over this jawn with GemStones and "Heartbreak" Drake. This one goes a bit hard, with a choice Biggie sample in the hook. Straight spittin' at niggas on this one. Don't sleep on this, or Dow's Change For A Dollar mixtape.

EDIT Looks like this previously was a TreaZon track, from his The Re-Introduction mixtape? Shouts to @MikeWaxx for the heads up.


hey said...

dow jonez stole this song from treazon