Jay Electronica "The Ghost of Christopher Wallace"

Jay Electronica ft. Diddy "The Ghost of Christopher Wallace (radio rip)": WOW. @EnigmatikBGDB had been telling me that @JayElectronica was planning on premiering something today. I wanted to get hyped, but I've always been skeptical of Jay, and with YN's last editorial about Jay still resonating in my psyche, I wasn't bugging out. Well, it looks like Rap Radar got to premiere this BANGER, which features something I didn't realize I missed - Diddy-libs! Very ill beat, very dope rhymes. From what YN says, though, it's unfinished, so we'll see how it is in its final incarnation. I can ride to this, though. Thanks, Elliott!

EDIT You can download the untagged version [big up BGDB], and be sure to check out Angela Yee's discussion with Jay Electronica.

EDIT Here's the re-mixed version, via @IAmDiddy. Bad Boy Records?

EDIT Here's the dirty radio edit (I.E. 3:12 minutes), via HHNM.


Sound Verite said...

Yo ask Elliott to write an essay about rap niggas turned R&B sangers. When is it a crime?
When will niggas be expected to actually rap and say something besides who they're at the club with, how much their bottles cost, how many hired models they have in their video.

Death to Ring-tone rap! All that shit will be forgotten rather quickly.

Sound Verite said...

Jay Elect be on that next shit.