Eminem "Not Afraid"

Eminem "Not Afraid" (prod. by Boi-1da): Lyrically, this is the Em I like to hear. Introspective, without all of the weird voices and fart noises. He's at his best when he's examining his own self, and it takes a pretty bold person to admit that their last album was "eh". I could've done without the chorus that, while very catchy, is just not something I'm feeling - not really into Eminem "singing". Why do rappers have to sing? Rap and let someone else sort that out. And that third verse, with him talking about raising the roof and lifting the bar? Awesome.

CDQ via Team Supreme.

Also, Rap Radar has posted Eminen's interview with Angela Yee from this morning.

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Sound Verite said...

Rappers should freakin rap...;et the R&B folks do the sangin'.....pretty please, yes that means you too Em. Rap please, as yer great at that.