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Drake "Find Your Love"

Drake "Find Your Love" (prod. by Kanye West): I kinda went ham on the tweets this morning, so if this is a rehash for some of your, I'm sorry. What in the Kraftwerk is going on here? I was hoping this wasn't gonna be 808s & Heartbreak Drake, but alas, I was wrong. And it's bad. @JSmooth995 was on the money with the Dwayne-esque "hey HEY hey" (shouts to @bdotTM for the Fat Albert reference), but I just don't know. I actually don't MIND the beat, but when those pianos and synths come in, I instantly cringe. It just SCREAMS "accept my weirdness with something you can latch onto". Drake's singing isn't my cup of tea - I wasn't a fan of So Far Gone because of it, and based on the steep decline in dope tracks that've leaked from Thank Me Later, I won't be thanking that nigga for shit.

MP3 via Nah Right.

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