RTD Presents Redman

Hit the jump for a lil' mix I did of my favorite Redman tracks. Going to try and do more things for my rock the dub radio podcast. Enjoy!

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01. "How To Roll A Blunt"
02. "Pick It Up"
03. "Can't Wait (Remix #2)"
04. "Whateva Man (Remix)"
05. "Brick Intentions"
06. "Freestyle (ft. Keith Murray)"
07. "Gilla House Check (ft. Adam F)"
08. "Buck Buck"
09. "Bak Inda Buildin"
10. "That's How It Is (It's Like That)"
11. "Rockafella (Remix)"
12. "Noorotic"
13. "Suicide"
14. "I Got A Secret"

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