My WWE Raw Report (1/21/2011)

Yesterday afternoon, I saw a tweet from @Trentonian, saying they had free tickets to the WWE Raw World Tour show at the Sun National Bank Center last night; all one needed to do was hit their Facebook page with your favorite pro wrestling memory. Anyone who knows me knows I stay abreast to what's going on, but I've been a fan of the sport since I was three years old. I drew back and remembered this gem, and how I wrote a letter to the WWE about my support for the Hulkster, and received back a dope Hulk Hogan friendship bracelet. Needless to say, I won seats to the show, and was asked to take pictures and possibly write a report on the show. I did both, and not only has my report (in full) has been posted on the Trentonian's website, but a condensed version will be in tomorrow's paper! I have Joey Kulkin to thank - he even had some great words to say about my writing. Nice to get some recognition for my work - especially outside of the Hip-Hop/Drum & Bass circles. And I have to thank my wife, for if not for her nudging me on even entering the contest, none of this would've even happened.

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