Help Kool Herc

I can forgive someone if they aren't up on Kool Herc. While dude is essentially the whole reason that breakbeats, rapping and breakdancing are integral parts of what we call Hip-Hop today, with the way history is told and retold, his proper credit might get lost in the footnotes (his Wikipedia page don't lie though). Word is Herc is currently seriously ill, and is without health insurance/the ability to pay for surgery. Herc's family is asking for donations to his medical fund, with both mailing addresses and PayPal being accepted. If you can spare it, please contribute to help Herc out!

Send donations to:

Kool Herc Productions
P.O. Box 20472
Huntington Station, NY 11746

Or submit via PayPal to his sister at cindycampbell1@aol.com.


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