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Diggy Simmons ft. DOE "Everybody Late"

Diggy Simmons ft. DOE "Everybody Late" (prod. by Jahlil Beats): So JoJo is the one who not only got a label deal, but had his group perform numerous times on a reality show on MTV, but his brother outshines him with the pen, and with the label signing? You can hear it in his verses – lil’ nigga can spit, for real. If my son was Diggy’s age, I’d prefer him rockin’ to Diggy’s tracks than some of this other coonery tomfoolery. “Everybody Late” sounds like how I used to tell cats about Drum & Bass tracks, or THUGSTEP for that matter. Hype four alarm blaze, for the illegal drinkers out there.

Bonus Beats DJ Spin King ft. Diggy Simmons “S550

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