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Curly Castro ft. V/A "You & Who's Army"

Curly Castro ft. Verso, Burke, Raskull, the OneSunLion Ra, Unless, dj Ambush, Ethel Cee, Rokbottom, Law-1, Larry Guevara, JawnZap 7, Akilles, Zilla Rocca & L-TyrannicYou & Who’s Army”: Ever since I was a likkle yout, I always loved Philly. I’ve probably mentioned it before, but Trenton’s in between Philly and NYC, so we have two ABCs, NBCs, CBS, etc., one for NY and one for Philly. I stay close to Philly, and seeing the progression of their underground Hip-Hop culture is intense. I wanna take a weekend and build with some of the cats, but with the wealth of skills out there, I feel like I need to spend a few weeks! Curly Cas brings in a plethora of talented MCs on this one, from the mighty Zilla Rocca to the magnificent Ethel Cee, among others. Winston’s Appeal, which is being presented by Three Dollar Pistol and RTD, will be out on Friday (1/28/2011), so consider this boisterous posse cut as the final warning, bitch. And once again, props to Fresh from 33jones for the artwork!

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