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Curly Castro "Eulogy To L"

Curly Castro "Eulogy To L" (prod. by Zilla Rocca): Remember that “Boomin’ System” remix that Zilla Rocca did? Back then, word was that Cas was going to jump on this, and the nigga takes Rocca’s flavorful revamping of one of my fav LL Cool J tracks and really explores some shit that needs to be studied – the evolution of Uncle L. I know a number of cats who aren’t feeling this niggas progression for murderous MC to whatever the fuck he thinks he’s doing now. Castro doesn’t hold back, and I’m glad for that. Winston’s Appeal is out on Friday, January 28th, and is presented by Three Dollar Pistol and Rock The Dub. There’s another cut that Cas sent this morning that I’ll be featuring on Wednesday, so be on the look for that, SEEN!?!?! Props to Fresh for the bomb artwork. Check out Part 1 of 33jones' interview with Cas.

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