Kaytranada's New Mixtape "0.001%" Is Better Than His Album "99.9%"

Earlier this year, Kaytranada dropped his long-awaited debut album 99.9%. While I dug it, it didn't give me the next level feels I thought I'd be getting. Dude's definitely a part of the future of black electronic music, but much of the project leaned on the club-ready jams that got people into his stellar remix game. It could be my fault; I love his deeper cuts with less 4-on-the-floor. Sue me.

This week, Kaytra got ill with it and let loose an almost 90-minute mixtape situation entitled "0.001%," which is said to feature "beats, loops, remixes and sounds made during the process of 99.9%." Look at this as cuts that might've painted the journey to that project...I just look at it as jams I wish I had on the release as well. No tracklist, but you'll hear some fly remixes as well as the instrumental to the Katy B track Kaytranada produced, "Honey."

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