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The Invisibl Skratch Piklz Take You to 'The 13th Floor' On Debut Album

It's crazy to think that the Invisibl Skratch Piklz have been together as a group in some form since 1989, but they're only now just dropping their debut album, The 13th Floor, which dropped this month on Alpha Pup.Paired down to a trio—Q-Bert, Shortkut, and D-Styles—the Piklz do what they do best, which is rip any sound that runs through their needles to shreds.

If you're a diehard turntablism fan like myself, you'd been waiting for this project; over the last year, these three have been performing routines at a number of venues, including a show-stopping 45-minute performance at last year's Red Bull Thre3Style (which you can stream below, along with a video of their last official release, "Da Klamz Uv Deth"). That performance actually featured a number of the tracks from this nine-song opus. Here's a look at the making of the album.

There's been a lot of buzz over the last five or six years regarding the rise of the DJ as a superstar via the EDM craze, but aside from DJs like Craze and A-Trak, many of them don't have the real skills to get theirs on the decks. It's good to see that ISP are still here, and are continuing to push the boundaries that they broke through twenty-plus years ago.

The 13th Floor is available via Alpha Pup on Bandcamp. Check out this dope feature on the release via FACT while you stream the album below.


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