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PREMIERE: Ray Strife - "Never Cease"

When I think of the cats I got wind of when I first really started looking at what Trenton was doing on the hip-hop tip, Ray Strife was one that came to mind. He's an interesting figure, too, considering that he has a healthy punk background as well; people forget how deep Trenton's roots go on that lane. Feel like I first saw Ray spit live during an early Garden Variety show in the City, and since then I've tracked his movements from afar.

Dude has a certain energy that many MCs lack; he has a way of hitting you with every word to the point that even if he's off his face, the impact is still slicing through you. I mention all of this to say that his new iLL-Omega-produced track "Never Cease" marries everything I feel I've learned about Strife in one package. There's the rowdy crowd chant over hypnotic drums and tiny melodies that you might only hear if you're lit off whatever substance does you best. Strife dropping David Duchovny references.

Word is "Never Cease" is taken from Strife's forthcoming album Go For the Gusto, which is produced entirely by iLL-Omega and will drop via CapCity. Keep it locked for that one.


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